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  • Apr 18, 2023

Top SEO Trends 2023 and Beyond

The SEO market is unpredictable, much like the sporadic algorithm updates Google releases. If you've been following us for a while, you already know that we take extra steps to keep you up to date on the most recent advancements in the SEO industry. We are aware that one of the topics that need to be updated frequently is SEO trends because no market is as dynamic as SEO. The latest SEO trends 2023, that are emerging now with the arrival of the new year are relatively new in the sector and are making a significant impact. Of course, some of the popular trends from 2022 are still in vogue now, but there are also some fresh entrants. As a reputable SEO Company in Kolkata, we need to stay keep abreast of trends. We want the community to take notice of what we're doing so that the industry can establish new standards and confront those who dismiss SEO as a finished product. Although PR and marketing are constantly changing, SEO is probably the haziest marketing niche. The need for marketers to learn the art of pleasing the algorithm to raise their positions on search results pages has never been greater. So, have a look at these current SEO trends in 2023 if you're building your SEO strategy before you go any further. Here are our top 10 SEO trends and insights that every marketer needs to know for this year: 1. The New “E” in E.E.A.T: As of December 2022, an additional E: Experience has been added to Google's well-known EAT acronym (Expertise, Authority, Trust). Google will now take the author's or creator's experience into account when determining the quality of content. What does the word "experience" actually mean, then? Google looks for proof that a content producer has first-hand experience with the subject at hand. For instance, let’s assume you’re a founder of an SEO agency. Now if you were asked to speak or deliver a speech on the SEO trends that will popularize in 2023, you could do that without any difficulty since you have real-world experience in the same field. But, as you are not a medical expert and have no experience in the field of healthcare, if you were asked to write a piece of content for a health website on frequent causes of heart disease, the quality of the content would be compromised. This implies that more websites need to pay greater attention to not only who writes their content but also what subjects they're focusing on. 2. Audience-targeted, Not Traffic-targeted Content: One reason for the growing emphasis on experience is the growth of SEO content generation. But Google crawlers will get suspicious if an accounting software website publishes blog posts with interior decorations. Does such content genuinely help the intended audience of accounting software users? Or, does it help that the particular website to rank for a set of high-volume keywords? The answer is something you know. In reality, businesses with a content strategy that prioritizes search traffic over what customers actually want are unlikely to succeed in ranking in 2023. It is essential to stay inside your general topic and industry categories for content to be ranked. Unsure of the topics you should cover in your content? By using a content planning tool, you may identify industry topics that your target audience is interested in. The tool will offer many semantically related terms that people are currently using in search engines when you enter a keyword. 3. Fast-loading, High-performing Websites: Google has increased the importance of high-performing, quick-loading websites in its ranking algorithm ever since the page experience update in 2021. Although Google's page experience update may seem like old news, it wasn't fully implemented until March 2022, and the company will keep improving the signals it uses to assess whether a website is really functioning well for visitors. For tracking and assessing the speed and functionality of websites in 2023, Core Web Vitals and Page Speed Insights will continue to be crucial tools. Businesses will benefit from increased keyword ranks for all of their domain's web pages if they prioritize page speed improvements in addition to content quality. 4. Zero-click Searches: When a user conducts a search but doesn't click on a link that directs them outside Google, this is known as a zero-click search. According to a recently revealed SEMrush analysis of more than 600,000 searches, up to 57% of people on mobile and 53% on desktop don't click an organic or paid result. For instance, a search for "how many continents are there in the world" will display an answer that doesn't require another click or an additional site visit. The best way to address this growing trend toward zero-click searches is a debatable topic within the SEO community. Websites are losing organic traffic to Google, whose expanding SERP capabilities enable them to monetize that traffic through ads or direct conversions in the form of flight and hotel bookings, for example. What you can do is scrutinize the subjects and keywords that they are optimizing for in terms of SEO to make sure that you continue to attract organic traffic: Does Google already include features like a Direct Answer or large-format Knowledge Panel in these search results? If this is the case, it can make more sense to increase your SEO efforts elsewhere, such as by changing the focus of a page or including fresh content that addresses a different user intent. The key to securing long-term traffic to your site is shifting the focus to more long-tail keywords and producing content with added value for search engine users. 5. SEO in Video Marketing: Video marketing is another SEO trend in 2023 that we will also have a look at. The majority of consumers rely on videos to guide their decision-making. If you haven't already, you should incorporate video into your SEO strategy given the increase in video viewing. Google is also introducing features to make it easier for users to find information quickly through videos. The new features to focus on are, in particular:

  • Clip markup: You can use clip markup to draw attention to important sections of your video so that viewers can skip right to them. You could make a markup for each tip in a video that contains tips, for instance.
  • Seek markup: Google knows how your URL structure works through Seek markup. This information is critical because it allows Google to display the key sections of your video automatically. It enables Google to connect within a specific point in your video.
6. Optimize for Voice Search: More and more people are using voice search to get what they're looking for online thanks to the popularity of smart speakers like the Google Home and Amazon Echo. This inclusion in our list of SEO trends is therefore not surprising. People will use voice searches more often than ever in 2023. Because of this, optimizing your website is essential if you want to rank better in search results. It will guarantee that when someone uses voice search, your website shows up in the search results. How to Optimize for Voice Search? Making your company website voice search-friendly can increase traffic and lead generation. Following are some SEO strategies you may use to make sure your content is voice search-friendly:
  • Because voice searches are often performed on mobile devices, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Your website must therefore be responsive, quick to load, and easy to navigate on a mobile device.
  • Use long-tail keywords that sound more like a conversation than a search query in your content to make it sound more natural. Use straightforward language and concise words to increase the accessibility of your content since users want information that is simple to understand.
  • To achieve greater visibility and a higher ranking in voice search results, optimize your content for featured snippets. At the top of the search results page are featured snippets, which are brief answers to a user's query.
7. Conversational Queries: Next on our list of 2023 SEO trends is conversational queries. Google is constantly working to enhance the user's search experience so they can find relevant content quickly. Acquiring a better comprehension of linguistic complexities is essential to this advancement. Google developed LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) to enhance its comprehension of natural language. With LaMDA, Google focuses on enhancing dialogue comprehension to deliver results more quickly. While searching for what they need, understanding vernacular and how people communicate is a step in the process. You'll need to invest a lot of effort into optimizing for voice search because conversational queries are current SEO trends in 2023. Voice search focuses on natural language processing (NLP) to understand how consumers search audibly as opposed to typing in a search query. As Google works to comprehend users' conversational searches, it is in your best interest to optimize for voice search inquiries. 8. Semantically Related Keywords Optimization: For limiting keyword searches, Google has a very clever method. It accomplishes this by linking keywords and keyword combinations to the best websites on the subject as well as including related relevant terms in its search. So, your chances of being found by Google and receiving a higher ranking in web searches increase the more semantically related keywords you include in your content. Several comparable keywords can help you elaborate on a topic and add additional value for your website visitor, which increases the likelihood that they will find your material more helpful. Optimizing for Semantically Related Keywords:
  • Think about the people who will be using or visiting your website, their needs, and any queries they might have.
  • Produce information that offers solutions. Develop a focal topic keeping your consumers in mind, thereafter, cluster related phrases and content, and use similar keywords.
  • Choose your main keyword, conduct some research, and look for synonyms that are related to the subject you are covering.
  • Develop personas that depict your ideal customer or members of your viewing audience who are most likely to resonate with your brand and respond favorably to the content you have produced.
9. SEO Automation: SEO automation is next on our list of the latest SEO trends in 2023. Automated technology is still being used by more and more people to speed up time-consuming tasks. In 2023, more businesses will use powerful software to automate SEO tasks, continuing with the current trend. How to Optimize for This Trend? Join the automation revolution by investing in SEO automation software to begin saving you and your team a ton of time so you can focus on other business-related tasks. Consider utilizing automated technologies like:
  • Keyword research tools: Tasks that formerly needed a lot of human spreadsheet work can be automated with keyword research tools.
  • Website monitoring platforms: With site auditing and monitoring solutions like Content King and SearchAtlas, website updates and technical issues can be automatically recognized.
  • Website auditing tools: Use a handy tool like Ahrefs SEO Site Audit to get the rundown on the search engine performance of your website quickly and efficiently. In just a few seconds, it provides you with a thorough SEO analysis report and suggestions for optimizations you can make to improve your ranks and traffic.
10. Rise of the Featured Snippet: We can't ignore the rise of featured snippets in search results for our next trend prediction for this year. The serving of featured snippets will continue, and they will probably gain prominence over time. Featured snippets, in case you haven't yet seen them, are the boxes of results that often appear above the actual search results. These can be in the form of FAQs, how-to guides, bulleted lists, or even just a single sentence. Without having to craft long-form content, these are fantastic little shortcuts to the top of the SERPs. You're probably qualified for a featured snippet if your page provides useful information that people commonly look for. How to Optimize for This Trend: Think carefully about the searcher, their objective, and how they would search to get to the top in the form of a featured snippet and focus your content on question-based terms. Find profitable keywords and topics to write about by using Google's autocomplete or the "People also ask" sections. Next, make sure your content contains the right schema markup so that it can be found in search results. The Google Schema Markup Testing Tool can then be used to test your markup. Stay on the Top of the Latest SEO Trends 2023: You must keep an eye on the latest SEO trends if you want your SEO strategy to consistently lead to success for your company. With the help of this list of SEO trends for 2023, you can keep your SEO strategy fresh and perform well in search results while attracting more qualified traffic to your website. Want to see where your website stands in terms of SEO? To find out where your website might be improved, schedule a call with our experts today!

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