• Jul 08, 2024

The Impact of E-commerce Chatbots on Business Growth

There is no doubt that online shopping sales are growing fast. According to research, they are expected to increase by about 14.56% each year. By 2025, experts think e-commerce businesses will be worth $1,365 billion. Therefore, business owners always try to improve customer satisfaction and sales while reducing overall costs. Being an entrepreneur, you may have already opted for various ways, but handling them is extremely challenging. Nowadays, everybody has heard about chatbots and their applications; from live chat services to call centres, chatbots are ruling everywhere. In layman's terms, chatbots are simply a computer programme that mimics human conversation to help people. These days, in online retail, professionals use e-commerce chatbots to do a lot of things, from recommending products and answering customer questions to upselling and cross-selling. In this blog, we will discuss why e-commerce businesses contact AI/ML companies in Kolkata  to create their own e-commerce chatbots to increase customer satisfaction and boost business growth.  

What are the Main Uses of Chatbots?


Generate More Sales

  Many people visit your online store every day, but a huge percentage of them leave the site without buying anything, which wastes your advertising money and loses sales. It's hard to identify the underlying reason behind the bouncing rate. Regardless of the causes, it’s not possible for you to help every visitor in person, but an e-commerce chatbot can help instead. It works like a robot salesperson who answers questions, suggests products, shows reviews, and offers more items to buy. Most of the time, we put items in the cart but don't purchase them, which is known as cart abandonment. Nowadays, it has become a big problem for online stores. Not to worry; chatbots can also help with this. They can remind customers about their carts and offer deals to make customers buy.  

Find More Potential Customers

Every business needs to find new customers online, regardless of the type of products they are selling. To convert cold visitors into customer requests, you have to access some basic information, like names and email addresses. Many businesses use newsletter forms or offer free guides to get this information. But this method is old, and nowadays, it has become obsolete. However, an e-commerce chatbot created by a professional AI/ML Company In Kolkata can get useful data by using intelligent prompts in exchange for information. It talks to website visitors in a smart way. It gives them helpful information. In return, visitors are more likely to share their details. For example, the chatbot can engage people who are just browsing. It can slowly encourage them to give useful information. This entire thing happens through a conversation, not just filling out a form; it’s more dynamic and interactive. In the middle of interactions, the e-commerce chatbot may discover what the customers are actually looking for and offer the following services:
  • Download related content and lead the viewers to a dedicated landing page.
  • Push them to sign up for a newsletter and encourage them to go for the next engagement level.

Support the Customers

  Customer support is crucial for business growth, but it's challenging to maintain as you scale. Many buyers struggle to get quick answers. An e-commerce chatbot can automatically handle common queries about orders, refunds, and payments. This saves time for managers and provides faster, round-the-clock support for customers. To get your own e-commerce chatbot for increasing sales, business owners must consult with an expert AI/ML Company In Kolkata.  

What are the main features of e-commerce chatbots?


Quick Responses

No matter how much you engage human resources, you cannot satisfy everybody and answer all of their questions. This is especially true when there's a sudden increase in website visitors. But when it comes to an e-commerce chatbot, there are no such limitations. This tool can handle any number of customers at the same time and even scale up easily if there is a requirement for managing more traffic. Using an e-commerce chatbot does not cost you money, as there is no need to hire or train new people.  

24*7 Availability

Have you ever considered how many sales opportunities your business has missed when the customer support team was inactive? Whether the viewers are looking to report a problem, searching for information, or seeking answers, there is no guarantee that someone is always there for you because everyone is human and they can’t be available all the time, regardless of the reasons. On the other hand, if you hire an AI/ML company in Kolkata to create your own e-commerce chatbot, the tool will help and guide your customers whenever they need it the most.  

Lower Customer Service Costs

Since the e-commerce chatbots are able to manage several recurring tasks, from providing troubleshooting assistance to responding to FAQs, the customer service representatives can concentrate on other complicated problems, which reduces overall costs and increases resolution rates simultaneously. Not to mention, the chatbot can also be used to keep track of business costs and handle a large number of inquiries without increasing the size of a customer service team.  

Maximising Performance with an AI Chatbot

  Getting help from an e-commerce chatbot will assist businesses in saving money, enhancing operational efficiency, and building customer care efficiency. Most of these platforms can easily be integrated with e-commerce platforms, and there is no need to have coding knowledge to use them. New technologies are changing how businesses use chatbots. Simple chatbots can now be upgraded to powerful virtual agents. These agents can improve customer service and help businesses reach their goals. They use artificial intelligence with natural language understanding. This helps them understand what users are saying. The virtual agents can give helpful and personalised responses, which creates a smoother experience for customers. If you want to improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, productivity, and sales, contact an AI/ML company in Kolkata  to create a personalised e-commerce chatbot for your business. To learn more about this service and get thorough guidance, you can also contact SB Infowaves.

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