• May 05, 2023

How Brands Amplify Their Marketing During IPL

IPL aka the Indian Premier League has become the best dose of entertainment for all of us. It wouldn’t be wrong if we entitle it as the biggest ‘Cricket Festival of India’. Every person waits eagerly for this time of the year. But, putting the glitz and glam of the match aside, what makes this ‘cricket festival of India’ stand out? Any guess? It’s the lucrative advertisements that grab our utmost attention. Every brand, no matter how big or small, wants to make the most out of their promotion through IPL. Starting from the stumps, billboards to player’s jerseys, enticing advertisements are everywhere. Whenever you open your mailbox, you will find that it is bulldozed with various discounted coupons. No matter what brand you own, IPL is the best platform for all types of digital marketing promotions.

IPL and Advertising Expenditure:

In the pre-pandemic era, in 2015, IPL’s advertising expenditure was Rs. 1200 crores whereas during the pandemic, in 2020 the advertisement expenditure touched Rs. 2700 crores. A report made by Media Partner Asia shows that this year Jio Cinema, the official digital streaming partner of IPL 2023, has the plan to achieve a penetration of 20 to 30 million. The CTV or connected TV strategy and the mobile supremacy will fetch Jio Cinema $330 to $350 million in the ad sales section, shown in the report. When it comes to Star India, the report created by Media Partner Asia says that the broadcaster’s ad sales will reach approximately $200- $220 million. If summed up, the total ad investment in IPL falls in the vast range of $490 to $600 million.

About IPL Marketing:

Alright, now let’s discuss commercial breaks that take place in between 2 overs. It’s no secret that these commercial breaks are used by different brands for advertising their USP products and services and it definitely adds to the increased brand recognition.

What’s the tactic?

It is quite a straightforward strategy for grabbing the attention of the viewer who is eagerly waiting for the next over to commence. Most cricket lovers do not prefer switching to some other channel during such a short span as they do not want to miss the beginning ball of the next over. Marketing is all about engaging audiences; maestro marketers go out of the box to promote their brands that people may like or dislike but can’t ignore for sure. Marketing experts utilize this gap to their benefit and create eye-catchy ads to flaunt their services and products. They produce ads that people can’t ignore and this is where they inject the brand images into the veins of the target audience.

IPL as a Popular Marketing Platform:

Fans go crazy when the season of IPL arrives and digital marketing professionals use this platform to advertise their brands in the most unique way possible.

How do marketers understand which type of ads they should prepare for IPL season?

That’s the Trick! Suppose you are watching a match as a viewer and suddenly some delicious chicken burgers pop up on your screen in between two overs! Won’t you feel hungry seeing someone taking a big bite of your favorite burger? That’s where the marketers win! They use their crafty marketing strategies to compel you to order food from the brands they are working for. All they have to pick the right moment of the right match to advertise their product or service. Yes, this is true that there are many people who find the advertising space to be a cluttered one but statistics prove otherwise. Brands focus on repeating their message during the ad breaks in order to amplify their growth and reach.

Start-Ups and IPL:

By the way, have you noticed how start-ups are leveraging IPL for taking their brand image to the next level? Traditional sponsorships are history now! The internet has taken over and the world of advertisement has put on an all-new gala dress. Digital advertising has become popular immensely and IPL is a massive platform that different companies use to showcase their brand to the target audience.

Moment Marketing and IPL:

Moment marketing is a marketing strategy that feeds on popular news, events, or situations. Brands use it mostly on social media and other digital platforms to increase brand recognition and boost sales. Because of the memorable events that have occurred recently, brands are making use of this promotion strategy more than before. And the explanation is rather straightforward: Brands leverage these trends to attract attention and stay at the top of consumers’ minds because they want to be a part of consumer conversations. They can rapidly and affordably reach their target audience thanks to Moment Marketing. Everyone, from Amul to Netflix to Fevicol to the Mumbai Police, is looking for a way to profit from current and critical trends and news. So, why spare IPL - The Biggest Cricket Festival when it comes to moment marketing? Whether we say it or not, you already know (or have seen), how top brands promote their products in the shade of any particular IPL moment. Let’s take the example of the recent fight that took place between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir! Taking the opportunity of this particular ‘moment’,  this is what Zomato did: https://twitter.com/zomato/status/1653277437944541184?s=20 This is what we are talking about - moment marketing.

How to use moment marketing strategically?

Creating relevant advertisement content and showing it at the right moment on screens are the two most important strategies of moment marketing.
  • Using the right channel is essential.
  • Identifying the right moment of advertising is also an important task.
  • Always try to make your content with a personal touch so that the audience can connect with your brand.
  • Agility and the ability to respond at the earliest to the trends make your brand a better version of what it is.


So, here are the strategies that different brands are using to leverage the craziness of IPL and use it to make their brand a bigger one. Even big brands like Dream 11, CRED, and Muthoot Fincorp are leveraging the IPL platforms to make a profit. For any assistance related to digital marketing, you can get in touch with the expert team of SB Infowaves. We innovate digital strategies to make your brand a bigger one.

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