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  • Jul 05, 2023

Digital Marketing for Startups: How to Start Making Sales When Nobody Knows About You

We live in a digital world and our fast-paced life doesn’t provide us with enough time to do things manually anymore. When it is about gaining visibility as well as leaving a mark on the target audience, most startups face an uphill battle in this competitive business landscape. Digital marketing is a set of powerful tools that all big and small-scale businesses leverage to build brand awareness and connect with target audiences so that the companies can drive good sales. If you are the owner of a startup and want to turn your initiative into a huge brand at the earliest, then you must take advantage of digital marketing for the vast reach and influence of the internet. Thus, you can reach out to more and more target audiences. But before anything, you need to make people know that you exist and need to gain trust through digital marketing, says the best SEO expert in Kolkata

Trust is a big factor:

Leveraging digital marketing for getting leads and sales is the second important benefit whereas the first benefit is building trust. Trust plays a big role in expanding a business. Trust has always been a recurring challenge that hinders success. 

But do you know where the problem lies?

When you initiate a startup, hardly anyone knows about your brand’s existence. Whereas there are already existing shark brands that are rocking the market with their products and services. Yes, if you come up with all new and innovative products and series of services, that may attract the audience and interested people may indulge themselves in watching what you have to offer.  But what if you want to sell crockery? No matter how beautiful your cups and dishes are, people will definitely give priority to Flipkart and Amazon because of their image and the trust that they have established in the industry. Does that mean that your initiative will go in vain?  That’s not possible! If you try your level best and take assistance from the digital marketing company in Kolkata you will definitely achieve your goal. If your startup involves an app, the challenge is even greater as you must convince customers not only to download the app but also to make a purchase within it. It’s just that you need to remember that patience is the key. Yes, that’s true. If you keep patience and keep working hard, you will win. 

How to sale your product or services when no one knows your brand?

sale your product or services If you are the owner and CEO of a startup, you quite well know that your sales of the previous month are required for you to pay the salaries for the next month. So, making business is the most important task, even if it is your first month into the new venture. Now, first, you need to know how you can utilize digital marketing to advertise your products or services. When you try promoting the website of your startup in the digital realm, a digital marketing agency in Kolkata will give three primary options to be visible to more and more people and those are as follows:
  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Paid advertising

But what are those? How to utilize them?

Let’s discuss this. SEO: Search engine optimization is a time taking yet effective process that can help you to uplift the visibility of your startup. It takes a few months to see some visible change in the organic traffic on your business’s website or the informative blogs that you have on the blog page. Without knowing the dos and don’ts it is difficult to fathom whether you are on the right path or not. The best way is to opt for a reputed company offering SEO services in Kolkata. The expert team will act confidently to generate organic traffic and will also slightly change their plans according to the requirement. However, once you establish organic traffic, the potential for generating leads and sales increases significantly. Benefits of using SEO for startups in a nutshell:
  • Enhanced brand awareness and trust
  • Amplified social media presence
  • Cost-effective traffic generation
  • Improved website quality
  • Competitive edge
SMM: Social media marketing is also a popular process to promote your business. If your website is new and so are the blogs, people won’t know about your website. Thus, you need to do social media marketing on the right platforms that your target customers use the most. To level up the visibility of your brand, a social media marketing agency in Kolkata will find out your target audience by searching for your competitors’ social media activities. Then, the experts will tell you which platform to aim for targeting your audience.  Benefits of using SMM for startups in a nutshell:
  • Target advertising
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Enhanced brand loyalty
  • Increased website traffic and lead generation
  • Viral marketing potential
  • Collaboration and partnerships
Paid advertising: Paid advertisements are those sponsored ads that we see while scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. It is the fastest way to promote your website and blogs. For instance, if you start running a campaign in order to get leads from Facebook and Instagram, you will for sure get some leads whom you can turn into potential customers. But you must know that once the campaign is over, you can’t get leads from those campaigns anymore. For any professional digital marketing requirement, you can simply get in touch with SB Infowaves, the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata. Benefits of using paid advertising for startups in a nutshell:
  • Target research
  • Increased visibility
  • Quick and measurable results
  • Ad customization
  • Remarketing opportunities

Sale: The ultimate goal of digital marketing

No matter what the startup sells, be it some product or service, reaching out to the right audience is a must. Suppose, you have a startup that provides pest control services to certain areas. How should you promote your brand? There are numerous people who face issues related to pest infestation in not only their homes but also in commercial places such as schools, malls, hospitals, and office pantries.  While running Facebook campaigns, you need to target people who are basically in need of pest control services. Now, who are those? How will you know? Experts associated with social media marketing company in Kolkata will research and analyze the target audience for this service and will focus on the particular area in which the company delivers its pest control services. The copy and the pictures that the experts will use in the ads will be relevant to the needs and pain points of the target audience. They might also decide to create a webpage on WordPress and try using Google AdWords. It might be a bit challenging because AdWords relies on keywords, so they will find the right keywords for the ads and put them on the webpage. Just before launching the campaign, adding a Facebook chat box on the webpage can also help. This way, if people have any questions about the service, you could answer them right away.    You will for sure start getting questions in real-time. Questions a pest control service company can receive are as follows:
  • How can I get rid of bedbugs?
  • Can you complete the process of pest control within a day?
  • Will you cover the entire office?
  • How long can your treatment stop cockroaches from coming to my house?
Chatbots are available and these can quickly answer the questions that your customers have. But according to the best SEO Expert in Kolkata handling your customers’ questions on your own towards the beginning helps you to understand the requirements of your customers. Using their feedback you can also bring the necessary changes to your startup. 

Trust = Sales

Trust is the utmost factor that contributes to sales. If you can gain trust, sales will increase for sure. This is especially important when your brand is new, as people naturally have doubts about your product and services. You must aim to develop a comprehensive social media plan to foster trust with your customers. However,  it's important to acknowledge that achieving this goal will take time and you have to keep patience. SB Infowaves, the top SEO Company in Kolkata is always there to assist whenever you are in need of top-notch digital marketing services.

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