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  • Feb 24, 2022

Angular vs jQuery: A Feature Rundown and Comparison

Comparing Angular vs jQuery is similar to distinguishing oranges with apples in terms of their benefits to in-take daily. jQuery is a JavaScript library, but Angular is a well-organized and structured framework for the development of websites and applications. Both the development languages fulfil diverse roles and are commonly used in conjunction. So, let’s find the differences between jQuery vs Angular in detail here –

What is jQuery?

jQuery is an open-source JavaScript library that’s featured to create quick and responsive websites and applications. This language is compatible with most internet browsers, which includes Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer & Opera. It's lightweight and easy to use as a cross-platform model, which enables its user to perform various work on applications using its modular approach. What is jQuery In addition to creating animations, navigating paperwork, and adding new events to select elements, allowing expert developers to build their projects independently. The following basic features of jQuery are significant –
  • Event Handling
  • HTML/ DOM Manipulation
  • CSS Manipulation
  • Ajax/ JSON Support
  • Provides Cross-Browser Compatible Code
  • Effect And Animation Control
  • Makes End Code Clean And Lightweight
Knowing how to use jQuery in Angular helps large projects with multi-structural options, which is vital to make a good choice. It further helps to include advanced features in your applications and is excellent to get quick scripting ideas. jQuery is also a popular library by design that helps to tailor DOM with JavaScript. That’s why it's useful to create a new website on your existing frameworks.

What is Angular?

Released in 2009, Angular is an open-source web application development framework that featured TypeScript. It's helpful to build single-page applications and get improvements with each update. In case you’ve plans to make a well-structured single-page website, you need to know how to use jQuery in Angular and what’s the differences between Angular vs jQuery as important. JavaScript is an upgraded version of Angular that’s quite speedy. Angular further helps to enrich the process of app development and avoids “spaghetti code”. Its less-friendly to beginner developers as needs advanced knowledge to work with, and also it comes with upgraded features like two-way data binding and dependency injection. To differentiate Angular from jQuery, Angular is much more useful to create more advanced applications than jQuery. A highly-talented developer can also use jQuery in conjunction with Angular to seek maximum advantages. Let’s look for the basic features of Angular –
  • Dependency Injection
  • Angular Directives as An Extension To HTML
  • Two-Way Data Binding
  • MVC Framework Support
  • Form Validation
  • RESTful API Support
  • Templating Support
  • Unit Testing
What is Angular Angular doesn’t require users to manually create instances or make configurations, and you can expect greater performance knowing the differences between Angular vs jQuery for development. Having the background knowledge of Angular further helps developers to make navigation much easy and quick. Its total framework has relied upon advanced components, which are considered the fundamental blocks for UI.

Angular vs jQuery: Which Option Is Better?

After knowing the distinction between jQuery vs Angular in detaillet’s check out reasons to choose Angular –
  • This development language features DOM Handling.
  • It has diverse functions required to timely complete your projects, like dependency management and RESTful APIs.
  • Its framework is created on the pattern of MVVM that makes it comparatively simple, clean, and efficient.
  • App testing and maintenance are seamless in Angular.
However, Angular has difficult learning curves, which needs advanced knowledge of core concepts to work with it as an expert. The following are common reasons to choose jQuery over Angular for the development of web applications –
  • jQuery is quite intuitive and easy to use,
  • It has a vast and creative community to share your expertise,
  • It's lightweight to provide great extensibility with plug-ins,
  • This development language has cross-platform compatibility, which is an extra advantage.
Although it isn’t suitable for large and complex applications so needs extra plugins and libraries for large apps. Hence, both Angular with jQuery knowledge is required to work on widespread projects without any interruptions. The latest framework will also enable users with an interactive and responsive application, which needs minimum coding to offer maximum opportunities, cross-platform support, and easy model manipulation.

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