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  • Aug 12, 2022

An Ultimate Guide To Choose Offshore Software Development Models In 2022

In the software industry, skillful developers are very rare to spot as competition increases and operational costs are extreme nowadays. It’s a common scenario to find businesses having limited funds to take up sizable and complex software development projects in-house. Because there are no specialized developers to work on such complex projects. One effective way to overcome such challenges is to partner with a reliable offshore software development company and work on multiple projects as an expert. By having highly-trained offshore software developers in your connection, you can easily manage complex projects with specialized skills and offer industry-standard services to clients while saving on your operational costs. A top-rated offshore software development company is proud to offer required support to each client and intended to leverage their knowledge for the benefit of your projects. In addition to saving your operational costs, you can also complete projects on time having their developer’s help. Hiring a skillful offshore software development team further helps to optimize your workloads and improves the product’s unveiling time in the market. After deciding that you will need offshore outsourcing to manage a range of complex projects, the next step is to understand what delivery model would perfectly match your company’s objectives. Here are the following groups to categorize the offshore software development models –

  • By Levels
  • By Service Models
  • By Business Models
  Let’s detail them for a better understanding of readers –   OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT BY LEVELS  
  • Low-Level Outsourcing

In this offshore software development model, outsourcing of low-level solution coding and software delivery is considered. Both QA test development and manual testing are a part of low-level outsourcing. Having less involvement of customers in such a model, the outsourcing company seeks advantages of low customer engagement. The customer company is entitled to work on product management and an outsourcing service provider manages the development & QA of the business.  
  • High-Level Outsourcing

In this kind of outsourcing model, the client company’s in-house team takes responsibility for product management. And it even oversees the work of an outsourced QA team that designs and executes tests under the close supervision of the client company. Meanwhile, the offshore software development center receives the project management, solution, and test design task. Highly-skilled software engineers are reliable to supervise external processes, developers are responsible for reviewing code designs, and architect-level testers are entitled to approve tests.  
  • Complete Technical Outsourcing
In this type of outsourcing model, all the technical aspects of the company are outsourced, which includes product requirement interpretation, solution design, development as well as execution. To be specific, complete technical outsourcing covers all kinds of technical help for the business. It doesn’t matter if want to create a one-page or multi-functional e-commerce website or a cutting-edge application built having IoT, AI, or ML technologies.  


  • Project-Based Outsourcing

In this offshore software development model, project-specific support with the exact resource are ideal to understand. And so, it’s wise to choose an expert offshore software development team to work on your complex projects. Although if your project requirements are subject to changes or you are situated in a rapidly changing market, (such as – payment processing), a project-specific model isn’t your ideal match. The benefits of project-based offshore software development models include cost reduction and a quicker time to the market. If you’ve got irregular and pilot projects with specific requirements and deliverables, this service model is worthwhile to take into consideration.  
  • Staff-Augmentation Outsourcing

The staff-augmentation offshore software development model, as its name suggests, is appropriate for businesses that want to leverage or boost their in-house technical skills with the assistance of offshore developers. A big advantage of selecting a staff-augmentation offshore software development model is to engage qualified developers only at the time of requirements and maintain direct control of your outsourced professionals. Furthermore, routine testing and development are handled by offshore developers while the technical leadership and project management are still under your control. This team will produce outcomes within the time frame estimated at the beginning of the project and operate within the parameters of the defined development model that you have chosen. Additionally, the success of your project is not dependent on your augmented workforce in this model.  
  • Offshore Development Center

For those businesses looking to reduce operational costs without sacrificing quality, an offshore development center is just a perfect option. The client organization will select an offshoring company to reserve a professional team of dedicated software developers who will work on just one project at a time to meet all your goals. The client company is solely responsible to manage such expert offshore developers. This type of offshore software development model mostly works right for long-term projects, which offers widespread work scope to the developers. This model’s cost also relies on the technologies employed and the number of software developers working on the project.  


  • Fixed Cost Model

The fixed-cost outsourcing model is accepted as the safest and minimum-risk model, which incurs constant expenses and eliminates any sort of cost that’s hidden. It best matches a project with clear scope, well-established specifications, and assured timelines. Because a well-established project will allow outsourcing companies to properly comprehend the needs and resources of clients. As a result, the success rate of a project is more in this offshore development model.  
  • Dedicated Development Team

With this dedicated development team model, you can quickly get connected to a vast range of professionals who are solely committed to completing your project within the assured time. As you’ve got options to choose the required skillsets of the developers for hire, you can simply a software engineering team to accomplish your visions. In addition to that, you will also get direct control over each software developer protected by various project management tools. It’ll further help today’s businesses to enjoy savings on administrative and recruitment costs while eliminating the unwanted stress of the long-term hiring task. Hence, it’s reasonable to conclude that this dedicated development team is an ultimate source of the technologies employed, construction, and code generated.  
  • Hourly/ Time And Material

This kind of offshore software development model is extremely ideal for complex projects, which are subjected to changes all around a project execution tenure. To be specific, this hourly model will work right for projects where the time frames are fixed but the amount of work is flexible and prone to changes as the project progresses. Because of this, the client is charged in accordance with the time and resources used to complete the project.  


Offshore software development allows companies to reduce overall operational costs, optimize resources, get professional assistance to manage projects, and access more advanced technologies for the development of businesses. The following are some of the most common advantages of hiring offshore software developers who will give your organization an edge – Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing In order to stay competitive, companies should prefer to incorporate a specialized workforce who can manage a range of projects with expertise. In case you aren’t well-versed with software development services, outsourcing is a perfect choice to make a huge difference for the business. An Offshore software development team will also offer companies a time-tested benefit. To reduce your operational costs and maximize your profits, outsourcing is just a suitable option for diverse businesses.


Regardless of your project requirements and goals, whether it's maintaining quality, addressing the unique needs of clients, reducing operational costs, or maybe everything, you will surely get an appropriate offshore software development model for the business. Are you still confused about which offshore software development model will suit your case? Then, SB Infowaves is a leading software development company in Kolkata to provide a wide range of services as per the individual requirement of clients. We have highly-trained developers to deliver numerous offshore software development projects successfully within guaranteed timeframes. We take pride to evaluate which model will match your specific needs of the business. For details, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with our experts at +91-33-6824-3626 for the best help. Contact SB Infowaves  

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