In the era of digital revolution within the educational sector, the imperative for core institutions like Birla High School - Kishangarh (BHS) to embrace technological advancements is undeniable. As a key contributor to intellectual growth, the school recognized the need for a digital transformation to reshape its operations, branding, and marketing strategies. This case study delves into the digital journey of Birla High School, highlighting the challenges it faced and the strategic solutions implemented by S B Infowaves to enhance its digital presence.


Birla High School, a prominent co-ed boarding school in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, operates under the esteemed Birla Education Trust-Pilani.
With a commitment to academic excellence and a sprawling campus, BHS sought to strengthen its position in the digital education space.


Despite its commendable position in the educational landscape, BHS faced critical digital credibility issues:
1. Website Quality:
  • BHS lacked a user-friendly website with seamless navigation, timely updates, and a secure interface, impacting its appeal and visitor trust.
2. SEO Authority:
  • Suboptimal SEO practices resulted in BHS lacking visibility on search engine result pages, hindering discoverability.
3. Social Media Presence:
  • Insufficient followers and slow growth on Facebook and LinkedIn due to inconsistent content strategies affected BHS's digital engagement.


To address these challenges, S B Infowaves formulated a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap:
  1. 1. SEO Planning:
  2. Thorough keyword research identified industry-specific keywords for BHS.
  3. Informative content, incorporating targeted keywords, was strategically distributed on the school's website and relevant platforms.
  4. Transparent coordination with the BHS team ensured a strategy aligned with the school's vision.

  • Results:
  • BHS gained prominence in search engine results.
  • Achieved a remarkable 36.7% increase in organic website traffic.
  • Improved audience reach with an impressive 55.93% growth.
  • Notably, a 416% growth in referring domains was achieved.

  • 2. Result-Driven Facebook and LinkedIn Strategy:
  • Creative posts sharing school stories, events, and achievements were strategically crafted to enhance engagement.
  • Videos and carousels showcasing the school's journey, programs, and services were published.
  • Group posting of education-focused content and creatives contributed to a well-rounded social media presence.

  • Results:
  • A remarkable 160.27% increase in organic followers on Facebook and LinkedIn was achieved.
  • Enhanced engagement with posts showcased the effectiveness of the social media strategy.


Addressing these digital credibility gaps was essential for BHS to improve its online standing, regain trust, and establish itself as a reliable presence in the digital education space.
The success story of Birla High School - Kishangarh, now excelling in digital outreach, stands as a testament to S B Infowaves' expertise in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape within the educational sector.

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