In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, House of AC emerges as more than just a furniture and lifestyle shop; it's a symphony of curated living spaces, meticulously designed to transcend the ordinary.
Each piece within its collection serves as a testament to the fusion of emotion, craftsmanship, and innovation, crafting a narrative that elevates the living experience. House of AC doesn't merely offer products; it orchestrates an immersive journey, shaping environments that go beyond functionality.


As House of AC aimed to expand its digital footprint, it confronted the challenges of navigating a saturated online marketplace dominated by well-established brands. While their existing Google Ads campaigns boasted high conversion rates, the struggle lay in supporting ambitious growth plans without compromising efficiency.


S B Infowaves, armed with digital marketing expertise, devised a comprehensive strategy centered around the implementation of Google Smart Shopping campaigns. Unlike traditional Google Shopping campaigns confined to the Search Network, Smart Shopping extended its reach across the Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail, presenting a myriad of ad placement opportunities.
This strategic move not only broadened House of AC's reach but also amplified brand awareness, exposing the brand to new audiences and driving an influx of top-of-funnel traffic.
To effectively convert these new visitors, S B Infowaves harnessed the unique Dynamic Remarketing capabilities inherent in Smart Shopping campaigns.
The integration of machine learning into Smart Shopping empowered the team to scale operations while carefully managing customer acquisition costs.
In a bid to further optimize performance, S B Infowaves activated the Target ROAS bidding option, ensuring a judicious balance between maximizing revenue and maintaining profitability.


The implementation of Google Smart Shopping proved to be a game-changer for House of AC.
Furniture sales soared, registering a remarkable 3x growth while remaining within the confines of profitable CPA thresholds.
Revenue from click-through-attributed sales witnessed an impressive 123% surge in Q3 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.
The expanded ad placement opportunities associated with the Smart Shopping campaign resulted in a staggering 569% increase in impressions, contributing significantly to a month-over-month boost in brand awareness.
House of AC not only achieved its digital expansion goals but also emerged as a trailblazer in the digital marketing landscape, transforming spaces into vibrant expressions of personal identity and refined living.
This success story exemplifies the transformative power of strategic digital marketing in revolutionizing a brand's online presence and driving unprecedented growth.

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