In the dynamic garment industry, operational efficiency is key to maintaining competitiveness. A large garment company faced recurrent challenges with needle breakage in their sewing machines, leading to significant production delays and increased costs. This case study examines how SB Analytics innovative IoT solution revolutionized their approach to this persistent problem.


  • Frequent Needle Breakages: The company's sewing machines experienced frequent needle breakages, causing significant downtime.
  • Production Delays: Each instance of needle breakage led to halts in production lines, affecting overall output.
  • Increased Operational Costs: Constant monitoring and manual interventions to address needle breakages resulted in higher labor costs.
  • Quality Concerns: Broken needles often went unnoticed until later stages, risking the quality of the finished products and leading to waste.


SB Analytics developed a tailored IoT solution to address these challenges:
  • Advanced Detection System: A system integrating a fine laser unit with an Arduino microcontroller was installed in the sewing machines. This setup was designed to detect needle breakages instantly.
  • Automated Machine Halting: Upon detecting a broken needle, the system automatically halted the sewing machine, preventing further damage and product quality issues.
  • Data-Driven Monitoring: The solution included a monitoring system that provided real-time data on machine performance and needle breakage incidents, allowing for better management and quicker responses.


The implementation of SB Analytics' solution brought significant benefits to the garment company:
  • Reduced Downtime: The automated detection and halting system significantly decreased machine idle time. Post-implementation data showed a 40% reduction in downtime related to needle breakage.
  • Increased Production Efficiency: The decrease in machine stoppages led to a smoother and more efficient production process.
  • Cost Savings: The reduced need for manual monitoring and intervention resulted in lower labor costs. The company saw a return on investment within four months of implementing the solution.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: The timely detection of needle breakages ensured that fewer defective products reached later stages of production, enhancing overall product quality.


SB Analytics IoT solution effectively addressed the needle breakage problem in a large garment company, leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced product quality. This case study demonstrates the potential of IoT technology in resolving operational challenges in the garment industry and sets a precedent for other companies facing similar issues.

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