How Hiring The Right Digital Marketing Agency Can Boost Your Business?

In the digital age, a robust online presence is imperative for any business aiming to succeed and thrive. Digital marketing has emerged as a powerful tool to reach a broader audience and engage potential customers effectively. 

However, navigating the complex world of digital marketing can be overwhelming for businesses, particularly those without specialized knowledge or experience in this domain. This is where hiring the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata can make a significant difference. SB Infowaves can be your trusted partner if you are looking to boost your business revenue. 

Here’s how partnering with a proficient digital marketing agency can create a big difference in your business.

Why Is It Important For Businesses To Hire a Reliable Digital Marketing Agency?


  1. Expertise and Specialization

A reliable digital marketing agency brings a wealth of expertise and specialization to the table. They stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the digital marketing landscape. Their specialized knowledge can help tailor marketing strategies that align with your business goals and target audience. 

Example: Imagine a small local restaurant that wants to expand its customer base. In such a situation, hiring a digital marketing agency specializing in local SEO and online advertising can help them gain visibility among potential customers in the local area. The agency can optimize the restaurant’s website, use targeted ads, and leverage local directories to boost foot traffic.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing your digital marketing needs to the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata like SB Infowaves can be cost-effective in the long run. When you consider the cost of hiring and training an in-house marketing team, investing in a digital marketing agency can often yield better results at a lower cost. Agencies already have the necessary tools, resources, and expertise, saving you both time and money.

Example: A company can benefit from hiring a digital marketing agency to handle its social media marketing campaigns. The agency can use its established tools and expertise to create and manage compelling social media content, reaching a wider audience and generating leads, all within the set budget.


  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Business needs can change rapidly, and the ability to scale up or down your marketing efforts accordingly is crucial. A digital marketing agency can provide the flexibility you need to adapt to changing market conditions, allowing you to allocate resources efficiently based on your business requirements.

Example: An e-commerce business experiences a surge in sales during the holiday season. By partnering with a digital marketing agency, they can swiftly scale up their advertising efforts, launch targeted holiday campaigns, and handle increased website traffic without overwhelming their internal team.


  1. Access to Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies

Effective digital marketing often requires the use of specialized tools and technologies. A reputable digital marketing agency typically has access to premium tools that may be expensive for a single business to invest in. Leveraging these tools can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Example: Consider a clothing brand that wants to optimize its email marketing strategy. A digital marketing agency equipped with advanced email marketing tools can conduct A/B testing on email subject lines, content, and visuals, resulting in higher open rates and conversions for the clothing brand.


  1. Data-Driven Decision Making

Digital marketing agencies use data analytics to track the performance of marketing campaigns in real time. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making, enabling adjustments to strategies for better results. Analyzing data helps identify successful tactics and areas that need improvement.

Example: A software company partnering with a digital marketing agency runs an online advertising campaign. Through real-time analytics, the agency notices that the campaign is gaining more traction with a specific age group. The agency then optimizes the campaign to target that age group more effectively, resulting in higher click-through rates and conversions.


  1. Creative and Strategic Thinking

Creativity is a cornerstone of successful digital marketing. A proficient digital marketing agency not only has the analytical skills to assess data but also possesses creative minds that can develop innovative strategies and captivating content to engage your target audience effectively.

Example: Suppose a health and fitness brand wants to launch a new product. A social media agency in Kolkata can brainstorm and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, including engaging videos showcasing the product’s benefits, persuasive blog posts, and interactive social media campaigns, all designed to create a buzz and generate excitement among potential customers.


  1. Time Efficiency

Time is of the essence in business, and managing all aspects of digital marketing in-house can be time-consuming. Outsourcing these tasks to a digital marketing agency allows you to focus on your core business activities while experts handle the marketing side efficiently and promptly.

Example: An educational institution aiming to increase its student enrollment may not have the time to manage elaborate digital marketing campaigns. But we can help them by ensuring that their marketing efforts are well-coordinated, reaching prospective students through various online channels and ultimately driving enrollment growth.


  1. Global Reach and Brand Exposure

A proficient digital marketing agency can help your business expand its reach beyond local boundaries. They have the expertise to create strategies that target an international audience, opening up new markets and diversifying your customer base.

Example: A handmade jewelry company in a small town decides to go global. With the help of a digital marketing agency proficient in international SEO and online advertising, the company can reach potential customers worldwide. The agency can optimize the website for different languages, run targeted ads in relevant countries, and expand the business’s reach exponentially.


  1. Customer Engagement and Interaction

Engaging and interacting with customers in a meaningful way is essential for building brand loyalty. Digital marketing agencies have the knowledge and tools to create engaging content and meaningful interactions that resonate with your audience, fostering a stronger relationship with your customer base.

Example: An online retail store partners with a digital marketing agency to enhance customer engagement. The agency develops a personalized email campaign based on the customer’s browsing and purchase history, recommending products and offering exclusive discounts. This personalized approach leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.


  1. Measurable Results and ROI

One of the significant advantages of digital marketing is the ability to measure the performance of campaigns accurately. Digital marketing agencies use advanced analytics and reporting tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide detailed reports, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and calculate the return on investment (ROI).

Example: A tech startup launches a new mobile app and hires a digital marketing agency to promote it. The agency implements a multi-channel marketing approach, including social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. Through comprehensive analytics, they track app downloads, user engagement, and conversion rates. The startup can then measure the ROI of the marketing campaign and make data-backed decisions for future marketing strategies.


Hire The Best Digital Marketing Agency

Partnering with the right digital marketing agency can significantly enhance your business’s online presence, reach, and profitability. SB Infowaves is the one-stop destination for all your marketing requirements. Our expertise, resources, and specialized knowledge can propel your marketing efforts to new heights, eventually allowing you to effectively engage your target audience and achieve your business objectives.

Single Page Websites and SEO: A Good or Bad Combination?

Almost all SEO strategies entail launching several web pages. This is clearly the best course of action in the majority of cases, but can an SEO campaign with a single page website be successful?

In this blog, we will discuss what a single page website is, and review whether it is good or bad for SEO.

What Is a Single Page Website?

All of the website’s content can be found only on one landing page of a single page website. The user is unable to access content on different URLs via internal linking, in contrast to multi-page websites.

A single page website essentially does what it says. However, it shouldn’t be mistaken for a single-page application (SPA).

When a visitor initially sees a website, a SPA loads all of the files through a web document. The remaining content is then dynamically loaded as and when a user interacts with the website.

The user can still technically visit different pages within a SPA. To dynamically serve the new content, these are typically rendered “client-side” via JavaScript.

Why Single Page Websites Are Good for SEO


Why Single Page Websites Are Good for SEO

Let’s start by looking at some of the pros, or advantages, of using single page web design.

Better Mobile Experience

Google announced in 2019 that they are working to switch to a mobile-first indexing model, thus having a website that functions effectively on mobile is essential.

One of the main benefits of the single-page design is that users find the sites easy to navigate and that the sites typically convert to mobile devices much more easily.

When compared to multi-page sites, single-page sites load much faster. It is a huge bonus for most users who do not have the patience to wait more than a few seconds for a site to load.

A single page website is a blessing for those with thicker fingers because some people find it challenging to click on additional pages or tabs on small devices like smartphones.

Target a Specific Audience

Single-page websites are excellent for focusing on a certain audience and giving them a particular kind of user experience.

If you don’t have to worry about people clicking on multiple pages, potentially in the wrong order, it’s simple to manage their behavior on your site and direct them in a specific way.

With a single-page site, you can offer users with all the information you want them to see, in whichever order you see fit for your business.

If you are simply concerned about targeting a single keyword or set of keywords, this can be significant in terms of SEO.

Page Rank

A single-page website has the advantage that every link it acquires will direct to the main URL, ensuring that there is always a 1:1 ratio of links to pages. Links are one of the primary elements that influence how high a website ranks.

Why Single Page Websites Are Bad for SEO


Single Page Websites Are Bad for SEO

You should typically launch your website with more than one page. Single page websites have a limited ability to increase organic traffic.

Here are our top reasons why single-page websites aren’t good for SEO.

Keyword limitation

One of the major obstacles to single page websites is keyword ranking. Any website page may typically only be optimized for a single phrase with SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. Single page websites can only target a single phrase because they are built around a single topic or theme.

On the other hand, multi-page websites are not constrained by this and have a greater opportunity of improving their search engine optimization because they have more pages. It increases the likelihood that search engines will show the site by allowing each of its web pages to focus on a specific keyword or phrase. This could be essential for businesses with a competitive online presence where each key phrase counts.

Lack of specific content

Since there isn’t enough room or a way to create separate pages for each topic, single page websites are typically tougher to find specific content. Everything must be displayed on a single page. It will be difficult for a single page website to display more necessary content should a visitor need to know more about a product, idea, or piece of content featured on the site. For a visitor who would want to see particular information on the website, this lack of relevant content can be frustrating. The metadata of a single page website would be an additional consideration.

A single page website only needs one title tag and one description because it only has one set of metadata. The website can only create one title tag because there are no other pages on it. As you only have one chance to capture their attention, this lessens your chances of attracting visitors to your website.

This restricts how much specialized content the website can have or display. On the other hand, a multipage website can include metadata for all of the different web pages that it has, increasing the amount of specialized content it may wish the online user to have access to.

Advanced SEO practices

Multi-page websites can divide their web pages into parts (categories) and subsections to better show content in addition to the ability to create more specific content. These subcategories or subsections can be other pages on the website, which can be further broken down into more subsections. This enables the display of all relevant data regarding an item, product, or idea. To provide the visitors or web users with as much information as possible, this is done.

This process is called ‘siloing’ which is considerably simpler to do on a multipage website than it is on a single page website. If there are several topics to cover or other content to display, it will be challenging for a single page website to display as much content on a particular topic. The one-page website will get clogged and disorganized.

Loading time

When a website only has one page and includes flash videos, images, texts, parallax effects, and other information, the page might become heavy and load more slowly than a website with multiple pages. Visitors and web users who do not have the patience to wait for the entire website to load on a single web page might be turned off by this.

As one of their criteria in ranking websites, SEO will not rank websites that take a long time to load highly on their search engines. Contrarily, a multipage webpage can load much more quickly because the information is dispersed over multiple pages. On-page optimization is crucial since in the world of SEO, loading speed plays a significant role in ranking.

Lack of Links

SEO favors websites with adequate internal and external links. As there is only one webpage for a single page website, there are limits on how many internal links can be added. The only ability of these links is to jump to another section of the same page. With a single page website, it is impossible to link to another page. Since this could quickly take the visitor away from their website, single page websites also frown against having external links.

This drawback does not apply to multi-page websites because they can have a large number of internal links because they are not constrained by the number of pages they have. Additionally, having external links improves the SEO ranking of the site.

Single page websites do have a place in the market, even though they can be spotty and are currently popular, but it’s vital to realize that they are not the best for SEO. When choosing a single page website, much consideration should be given. Considerations should be made for factors like the target demographic, the market, and the need of the website.

Since most online visitors rarely explore past the first or second search result page, businesses aim to rank highly in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This implies that your online presence might not be felt if you don’t rank well in the SERPs.

Tips for Optimizing a Single Page Website


Single Page Website is Good For SEO

We’ve now discussed the benefits and drawbacks of running a single-page website (in terms of SEO).

Here are our top SEO suggestions for creating and running a single-page website, if that’s the best option for you right now.

Use a clear hierarchy

Single page websites often lack the clear architecture that navigation menus and breadcrumbs provide.

In light of this, you should set a clear on-page hierarchy for your content. A good place to start is with a logical heading structure that uses an H1 for the main heading and H2s and H3s for the subheadings.

Users can more easily scan and browse the page if you use these header tags to break up your content in a sensible sequence. When navigating the website, having a messy heading structure forces the user to comprehend the page layout.

Avoid skipping any heading levels (such as nesting an H4 immediately under an H2) as this is especially critical for users who are visually impaired and may be using a screen reader.

Don’t overlook image optimization

In SEO, image optimization is often disregarded. Image SEO should not be overlooked given how many images single-page websites have on average.

Single-page websites are subject to the same rules as other websites, so make sure to follow best practices such as:

      • Using next-gen file types and compressing image file sizes
      • Using descriptive file names and alt text.
      • Loading images via a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Following these best practices will improve page speed as well as potential rankings via image searches.

Don’t neglect page speed

This brings us nicely to our next piece of advice: don’t ignore page speed. Make sure it loads quickly and is responsive because that will be the only page your users will access.

Page speed isn’t the main priority for SEO, despite the fact that there are hundreds of ranking factors in use. However, it’s difficult to deny that having a quick and responsive website promotes both user experience and organic rankings.

According to Think with Google, if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, 53% of visits are abandoned.

When you put these points together, you can see why it’s important to keep page speed in mind.

For single-page websites, below-the-fold content that loads slowly should be a major factor. This is due to the fact that you’ll probably be cramming more content than normal onto a single page, which will weigh down page load times.

This implies that any resources that call for scrolling will cause a delay in the initial page load. Instead, as the user scrolls, these resources will load.

Double down on link building

Single-page websites have trouble pulling backlinks naturally. With this in mind, link building will probably require even more of your time than usual.

You’ll need to double down on strategies that don’t involve adding new pages.

This is due to the fact that you are unable to launch pages specifically designed to attract links, for instance, utilizing strategies like link baiting.

Follow on-page best practices

Our final piece of advice is really straightforward, but it’s also arguably one of the most important. It’s essential to adhere to on-page SEO best practices.

The limitations of having only one page will prevent you from doing some things, such as internal linking.

With that being said, it is still crucial to optimize key on-page elements, from keyword targeting to meta titles and meta descriptions.

Final Thoughts

Single-page websites aren’t for everybody. We personally will choose a multi-page setup in the majority of situations.

Nevertheless, there are situations in which a single-page website makes sense, especially as a temporary fix or MVP version of a website.

You can get in touch with us if you’re looking for an affordable SEO company in Kolkata.

How Brands Amplify Their Marketing During IPL

IPL aka the Indian Premier League has become the best dose of entertainment for all of us.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we entitle it as the biggest ‘Cricket Festival of India’.

Every person waits eagerly for this time of the year.

But, putting the glitz and glam of the match aside, what makes this ‘cricket festival of India’ stand out?

Any guess?

It’s the lucrative advertisements that grab our utmost attention.

Every brand, no matter how big or small, wants to make the most out of their promotion through IPL.

Starting from the stumps, billboards to player’s jerseys, enticing advertisements are everywhere. Whenever you open your mailbox, you will find that it is bulldozed with various discounted coupons.

No matter what brand you own, IPL is the best platform for all types of digital marketing promotions.

IPL and Advertising Expenditure:

In the pre-pandemic era, in 2015, IPL’s advertising expenditure was Rs. 1200 crores whereas during the pandemic, in 2020 the advertisement expenditure touched Rs. 2700 crores.

A report made by Media Partner Asia shows that this year Jio Cinema, the official digital streaming partner of IPL 2023, has the plan to achieve a penetration of 20 to 30 million. The CTV or connected TV strategy and the mobile supremacy will fetch Jio Cinema $330 to $350 million in the ad sales section, shown in the report.

When it comes to Star India, the report created by Media Partner Asia says that the broadcaster’s ad sales will reach approximately $200- $220 million. If summed up, the total ad investment in IPL falls in the vast range of $490 to $600 million.

About IPL Marketing:

Alright, now let’s discuss commercial breaks that take place in between 2 overs.

It’s no secret that these commercial breaks are used by different brands for advertising their USP products and services and it definitely adds to the increased brand recognition.

What’s the tactic?

It is quite a straightforward strategy for grabbing the attention of the viewer who is eagerly waiting for the next over to commence.

Most cricket lovers do not prefer switching to some other channel during such a short span as they do not want to miss the beginning ball of the next over.

Marketing is all about engaging audiences; maestro marketers go out of the box to promote their brands that people may like or dislike but can’t ignore for sure.

Marketing experts utilize this gap to their benefit and create eye-catchy ads to flaunt their services and products. They produce ads that people can’t ignore and this is where they inject the brand images into the veins of the target audience.

IPL as a Popular Marketing Platform:

Fans go crazy when the season of IPL arrives and digital marketing professionals use this platform to advertise their brands in the most unique way possible.

How do marketers understand which type of ads they should prepare for IPL season?

That’s the Trick!

Suppose you are watching a match as a viewer and suddenly some delicious chicken burgers pop up on your screen in between two overs!

Won’t you feel hungry seeing someone taking a big bite of your favorite burger?

That’s where the marketers win!

They use their crafty marketing strategies to compel you to order food from the brands they are working for.

All they have to pick the right moment of the right match to advertise their product or service. Yes, this is true that there are many people who find the advertising space to be a cluttered one but statistics prove otherwise.

Brands focus on repeating their message during the ad breaks in order to amplify their growth and reach.

Start-Ups and IPL:

By the way, have you noticed how start-ups are leveraging IPL for taking their brand image to the next level?

Traditional sponsorships are history now!

The internet has taken over and the world of advertisement has put on an all-new gala dress. Digital advertising has become popular immensely and IPL is a massive platform that different companies use to showcase their brand to the target audience.

Moment Marketing and IPL:

Moment marketing is a marketing strategy that feeds on popular news, events, or situations. Brands use it mostly on social media and other digital platforms to increase brand recognition and boost sales.

Because of the memorable events that have occurred recently, brands are making use of this promotion strategy more than before.

And the explanation is rather straightforward: Brands leverage these trends to attract attention and stay at the top of consumers’ minds because they want to be a part of consumer conversations.

They can rapidly and affordably reach their target audience thanks to Moment Marketing. Everyone, from Amul to Netflix to Fevicol to the Mumbai Police, is looking for a way to profit from current and critical trends and news.

So, why spare IPL – The Biggest Cricket Festival when it comes to moment marketing?

Whether we say it or not, you already know (or have seen), how top brands promote their products in the shade of any particular IPL moment.

Let’s take the example of the recent fight that took place between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir!

Taking the opportunity of this particular ‘moment’,  this is what Zomato did:

This is what we are talking about – moment marketing.

How to use moment marketing strategically?

Creating relevant advertisement content and showing it at the right moment on screens are the two most important strategies of moment marketing.

  • Using the right channel is essential.
  • Identifying the right moment of advertising is also an important task.
  • Always try to make your content with a personal touch so that the audience can connect with your brand.
  • Agility and the ability to respond at the earliest to the trends make your brand a better version of what it is.


So, here are the strategies that different brands are using to leverage the craziness of IPL and use it to make their brand a bigger one. Even big brands like Dream 11, CRED, and Muthoot Fincorp are leveraging the IPL platforms to make a profit. For any assistance related to digital marketing, you can get in touch with the expert team of SB Infowaves. We innovate digital strategies to make your brand a bigger one.

Top SEO Trends 2023 and Beyond

The SEO market is unpredictable, much like the sporadic algorithm updates Google releases. If you’ve been following us for a while, you already know that we take extra steps to keep you up to date on the most recent advancements in the SEO industry. We are aware that one of the topics that need to be updated frequently is SEO trends because no market is as dynamic as SEO.

The latest SEO trends 2023, that are emerging now with the arrival of the new year are relatively new in the sector and are making a significant impact. Of course, some of the popular trends from 2022 are still in vogue now, but there are also some fresh entrants.

As a reputable SEO Company in Kolkata, we need to stay keep abreast of trends. We want the community to take notice of what we’re doing so that the industry can establish new standards and confront those who dismiss SEO as a finished product.

Although PR and marketing are constantly changing, SEO is probably the haziest marketing niche. The need for marketers to learn the art of pleasing the algorithm to raise their positions on search results pages has never been greater.

So, have a look at these current SEO trends in 2023 if you’re building your SEO strategy before you go any further.

Here are our top 10 SEO trends and insights that every marketer needs to know for this year:

1. The New “E” in E.E.A.T: As of December 2022, an additional E: Experience has been added to Google’s well-known EAT acronym (Expertise, Authority, Trust). Google will now take the author’s or creator’s experience into account when determining the quality of content. What does the word “experience” actually mean, then? Google looks for proof that a content producer has first-hand experience with the subject at hand. For instance, let’s assume you’re a founder of an SEO agency. Now if you were asked to speak or deliver a speech on the SEO trends that will popularize in 2023, you could do that without any difficulty since you have real-world experience in the same field. But, as you are not a medical expert and have no experience in the field of healthcare, if you were asked to write a piece of content for a health website on frequent causes of heart disease, the quality of the content would be compromised. This implies that more websites need to pay greater attention to not only who writes their content but also what subjects they’re focusing on.

2. Audience-targeted, Not Traffic-targeted Content: One reason for the growing emphasis on experience is the growth of SEO content generation. But Google crawlers will get suspicious if an accounting software website publishes blog posts with interior decorations. Does such content genuinely help the intended audience of accounting software users? Or, does it help that the particular website to rank for a set of high-volume keywords? The answer is something you know. In reality, businesses with a content strategy that prioritizes search traffic over what customers actually want are unlikely to succeed in ranking in 2023. It is essential to stay inside your general topic and industry categories for content to be ranked. Unsure of the topics you should cover in your content? By using a content planning tool, you may identify industry topics that your target audience is interested in. The tool will offer many semantically related terms that people are currently using in search engines when you enter a keyword.

3. Fast-loading, High-performing Websites: Google has increased the importance of high-performing, quick-loading websites in its ranking algorithm ever since the page experience update in 2021.

Although Google’s page experience update may seem like old news, it wasn’t fully implemented until March 2022, and the company will keep improving the signals it uses to assess whether a website is really functioning well for visitors.

For tracking and assessing the speed and functionality of websites in 2023, Core Web Vitals and Page Speed Insights will continue to be crucial tools. Businesses will benefit from increased keyword ranks for all of their domain’s web pages if they prioritize page speed improvements in addition to content quality.

4. Zero-click Searches: When a user conducts a search but doesn’t click on a link that directs them outside Google, this is known as a zero-click search. According to a recently revealed SEMrush analysis of more than 600,000 searches, up to 57% of people on mobile and 53% on desktop don’t click an organic or paid result.

For instance, a search for “how many continents are there in the world” will display an answer that doesn’t require another click or an additional site visit.

The best way to address this growing trend toward zero-click searches is a debatable topic within the SEO community. Websites are losing organic traffic to Google, whose expanding SERP capabilities enable them to monetize that traffic through ads or direct conversions in the form of flight and hotel bookings, for example. What you can do is scrutinize the subjects and keywords that they are optimizing for in terms of SEO to make sure that you continue to attract organic traffic: Does Google already include features like a Direct Answer or large-format Knowledge Panel in these search results?

If this is the case, it can make more sense to increase your SEO efforts elsewhere, such as by changing the focus of a page or including fresh content that addresses a different user intent. The key to securing long-term traffic to your site is shifting the focus to more long-tail keywords and producing content with added value for search engine users.

5. SEO in Video Marketing: Video marketing is another SEO trend in 2023 that we will also have a look at. The majority of consumers rely on videos to guide their decision-making.

If you haven’t already, you should incorporate video into your SEO strategy given the increase in video viewing. Google is also introducing features to make it easier for users to find information quickly through videos.

The new features to focus on are, in particular:

  • Clip markup: You can use clip markup to draw attention to important sections of your video so that viewers can skip right to them. You could make a markup for each tip in a video that contains tips, for instance.
  • Seek markup: Google knows how your URL structure works through Seek markup. This information is critical because it allows Google to display the key sections of your video automatically. It enables Google to connect within a specific point in your video.

6. Optimize for Voice Search: More and more people are using voice search to get what they’re looking for online thanks to the popularity of smart speakers like the Google Home and Amazon Echo. This inclusion in our list of SEO trends is therefore not surprising.

People will use voice searches more often than ever in 2023. Because of this, optimizing your website is essential if you want to rank better in search results. It will guarantee that when someone uses voice search, your website shows up in the search results.

How to Optimize for Voice Search?

Making your company website voice search-friendly can increase traffic and lead generation. Following are some SEO strategies you may use to make sure your content is voice search-friendly:

  • Because voice searches are often performed on mobile devices, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Your website must therefore be responsive, quick to load, and easy to navigate on a mobile device.
  • Use long-tail keywords that sound more like a conversation than a search query in your content to make it sound more natural. Use straightforward language and concise words to increase the accessibility of your content since users want information that is simple to understand.
  • To achieve greater visibility and a higher ranking in voice search results, optimize your content for featured snippets. At the top of the search results page are featured snippets, which are brief answers to a user’s query.

7. Conversational Queries: Next on our list of 2023 SEO trends is conversational queries. Google is constantly working to enhance the user’s search experience so they can find relevant content quickly. Acquiring a better comprehension of linguistic complexities is essential to this advancement. Google developed LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) to enhance its comprehension of natural language. With LaMDA, Google focuses on enhancing dialogue comprehension to deliver results more quickly. While searching for what they need, understanding vernacular and how people communicate is a step in the process. You’ll need to invest a lot of effort into optimizing for voice search because conversational queries are current SEO trends in 2023. Voice search focuses on natural language processing (NLP) to understand how consumers search audibly as opposed to typing in a search query. As Google works to comprehend users’ conversational searches, it is in your best interest to optimize for voice search inquiries.

8. Semantically Related Keywords Optimization: For limiting keyword searches, Google has a very clever method. It accomplishes this by linking keywords and keyword combinations to the best websites on the subject as well as including related relevant terms in its search. So, your chances of being found by Google and receiving a higher ranking in web searches increase the more semantically related keywords you include in your content. Several comparable keywords can help you elaborate on a topic and add additional value for your website visitor, which increases the likelihood that they will find your material more helpful.

Optimizing for Semantically Related Keywords:

  • Think about the people who will be using or visiting your website, their needs, and any queries they might have.
  • Produce information that offers solutions. Develop a focal topic keeping your consumers in mind, thereafter, cluster related phrases and content, and use similar keywords.
  • Choose your main keyword, conduct some research, and look for synonyms that are related to the subject you are covering.
  • Develop personas that depict your ideal customer or members of your viewing audience who are most likely to resonate with your brand and respond favorably to the content you have produced.

9. SEO Automation: SEO automation is next on our list of the latest SEO trends in 2023. Automated technology is still being used by more and more people to speed up time-consuming tasks.

In 2023, more businesses will use powerful software to automate SEO tasks, continuing with the current trend.

How to Optimize for This Trend?

Join the automation revolution by investing in SEO automation software to begin saving you and your team a ton of time so you can focus on other business-related tasks.

Consider utilizing automated technologies like:

  • Keyword research tools: Tasks that formerly needed a lot of human spreadsheet work can be automated with keyword research tools.
  • Website monitoring platforms: With site auditing and monitoring solutions like Content King and SearchAtlas, website updates and technical issues can be automatically recognized.
  • Website auditing tools: Use a handy tool like Ahrefs SEO Site Audit to get the rundown on the search engine performance of your website quickly and efficiently. In just a few seconds, it provides you with a thorough SEO analysis report and suggestions for optimizations you can make to improve your ranks and traffic.

10. Rise of the Featured Snippet: We can’t ignore the rise of featured snippets in search results for our next trend prediction for this year. The serving of featured snippets will continue, and they will probably gain prominence over time.

Featured snippets, in case you haven’t yet seen them, are the boxes of results that often appear above the actual search results. These can be in the form of FAQs, how-to guides, bulleted lists, or even just a single sentence.

Without having to craft long-form content, these are fantastic little shortcuts to the top of the SERPs. You’re probably qualified for a featured snippet if your page provides useful information that people commonly look for.

How to Optimize for This Trend:

Think carefully about the searcher, their objective, and how they would search to get to the top in the form of a featured snippet and focus your content on question-based terms. Find profitable keywords and topics to write about by using Google’s autocomplete or the “People also ask” sections. Next, make sure your content contains the right schema markup so that it can be found in search results. The Google Schema Markup Testing Tool can then be used to test your markup.

Stay on the Top of the Latest SEO Trends 2023:

You must keep an eye on the latest SEO trends if you want your SEO strategy to consistently lead to success for your company. With the help of this list of SEO trends for 2023, you can keep your SEO strategy fresh and perform well in search results while attracting more qualified traffic to your website.

Want to see where your website stands in terms of SEO? To find out where your website might be improved, schedule a call with our experts today!

ChatGPT: Can It Revolutionize SEO?

As of today, businesses can make data-driven decisions faster than before due to the growth of artificial intelligence (AI). One of the most exciting of these tools is ChatGPT which has features to quickly and exactly respond to users. ChatGPT has the power to revolutionize the ways in which organizations associate with their clients, although the incorporation of search engine optimization (SEO) is an important consideration. Likely, top software development companies are even using such a powerful AI tool for their business development.

To determine whether ChatGPT is ideal for today’s businesses, here we will outline its importance for SEO and other points related to the topic. We’ll further discuss if the content of ChatGPT is good for SEO and whether it can replace the work of top digital marketing agencies. So, keep on reading till the end to get a solid understanding of the potential implications of SEO and the information required to make the best decision for your business.

Let’s begin the discussion with –

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model created by OpenAI, which is a chief artificial intelligence research organization. Using a large corpus of training data and deep learning algorithms, this type of AI technology creates text that is human-like. This high-tech AI tool is quite smart to generate text in a variety of styles and on a wide range of topics because it has been featured with a large amount of diverse text data.

Also, ChatGPT is used to perform a variety of tasks, like translating languages, summarizing text, answering questions, and creating content as well. Because it can answer a variety of questions in a coherent and contextually appropriate manner, it has become a popular tool for building conversational AI systems like chatbots. Therefore, ChatGPT is a powerful and classy AI technology that has the potential to automate many language-related tasks and change the way we interact with computers.

Is ChatGPT Importance For SEO?

ChatGPT is quite a useful tool for assisting businesses in their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, just like the best digital marketing company in India. Businesses can use this AI tool to come up with high-quality, focused content that is optimized for key target audiences, and high-performing keywords in search engines.

Also, Chat GPT can assist in identifying additional relevant keywords and topics for your business to target when used in conjunction with machine learning capabilities. It’ll assist you to unlock additional revenue streams and business opportunities. Additionally, competitor analysis can benefit from the assistance of ChatGPT.

This powerful AI tool can analyze content strategy gaps and determine where competitors are stealing clients of your business by using text summary processes. ChatGPT enables you to modify your company’s strategy to ensure it can accomplish all set goals. Although it is essential to keep in mind that Chat GPT can only handle the content aspect of search engine optimization.

Because it’s great for creating content and researching topics, but it doesn’t consider many other SEO factors. These include off-page activities, like link building and domain credibility in addition to technical aspects like on-page optimization. Consequently, it is essential to implement a broader digital marketing strategy as well.

Therefore, hire a top SEO Agency in India to take benefit from the Chat GPT tool for getting new content ideas. Because this AI tool can produce content that is focused, well-written, and generally unique. It can also adhere to branding and the company’s ethos with minimal editing. However, it is only one component of digital marketing. To achieve the best results, the time saved on content creation should be redirected toward technical SEO requirements.

Does Using ChatGPT Help To Improve SEO?

ChatGPT is a strong AI tool that can assist in SEO enhancement in numerous ways. Utilizing ChatGPT to produce content of high quality that is optimized for search engines is one of the most important methods. It featured to generate engaging, relevant, and informative content with the use of its advanced natural language processing capabilities. This denotes that organizations can utilize ChatGPT to create articles, blogs, and different kinds of content that are optimized for particular keywords and phrases.

In addition to content creation, ChatGPT can also be used to improve existing content on your website. ChatGPT is able to assist businesses in ensuring that their content is as search-engine-friendly as is humanly possible by analyzing the content that is already there and offering suggestions for how it can be improved. By providing useful insights into consumer behavior, ChatGPT can also assist in enhancing SEO.

Because ChatGPT can provide valuable insights into what consumers are looking for and how they are searching for it by analyzing customer interactions and engagement with a business. After that, you can make better use of this data to tailor content and other marketing strategies as per your customer’s preferences and needs.

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Is ChatGPT Content Good For SEO?

While ChatGPT has the potential to be a useful SEO tool, it is not a magic bullet and has some limitations. ChatGPT can be used to create blog posts and product descriptions that are optimized for websites. It can also help with keyword research by suggesting keywords and phrases that are relevant.

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that the generated content might not always be of high quality or accuracy. It’ll lack originality and creativity sometimes, which are required for effective SEO, like a local SEO strategy. There might even be moral contemplations about utilizing AI to influence popular search engines, like the effect on content creators and the general quality of online content. It is also important to note that search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to detect manipulation more effectively and penalize it, and they may be able to detect content created by AI.

Can ChatGPT Replace SEO?

Although ChatGPT is an advanced tool to enhance SEO efforts, it just can’t completely replace SEO. Because search engine optimization is a wide and multi-layered strategy to upgrade a website’s ranking as well as online visibility in popular search engines. It involves website structure, content upgradation, and the scope of numerous variables to work on a website’s options to rank well in search engine result pages.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT is a language model that’s used to create high-quality content, improve the content that is already there, and learn about how people behave. Although ChatGPT can be a very useful tool for a more comprehensive SEO strategy, it cannot take the place of other SEO strategies, like keyword research, link building, and technical optimization. Although businesses only can’t rely on ChatGPT for their SEO because it can impact their website’s rankings. Regardless of features to improve the quality of website content, ChatGPT can’t address other major search engine aspects required for the business. As SEO depends on a variety of aspects to regulate a website’s quality as well as relevance.

ChatGPT is quite an effective tool that helps SEO, but today’s businesses can’t entirely substitute the task of the best SEO company in India. Hence, ChatGPT should be taken as a part of wider search engine optimization strategies for businesses to boost their online visibility and search engine rankings. This factor includes a wide range of strategies and company-specific practices as well.

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Being a powerful tool for SEO, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize SEO. Because this AI tool helps today’s businesses to create unique, original, audience-specific content, which can meet various search queries and use its advanced language processing abilities. Furthermore, ChatGPT helps to distinguish long-trail keywords, provides unique content ideas, and enables you to reach your maximum audience with quality content creation.

Because it’s an incredible tool for every content writer and SEO Service Provider in India alike due to its capacity to learn and adapt to user preferences over time. It’s likely that ChatGPT and similar technologies will become increasingly necessary for successful SEO strategies in the future as AI continues to develop.

When looking for top digital marketing agencies in India, SB Infowaves has a highly-trained SEO team to offer world-class solutions for today’s businesses. So, for local SEO help, feel delighted to get in touch with our experts right now!

What Are the 7 Pillars of Marketing?

All business owners and managers will agree that marketing is an expense that must be incurred in order to operate a company, yet it’s normal for companies to consistently invest funds in marketing initiatives without seeing a return on their investment. Your marketing funds are simply squandered if the marketing efforts aren’t generating new leads and sales for your company. You may have a stunning website and excellent blog posts that establish you as an expert in your field. To get ROI on your marketing investment, make sure your marketing activities are part of the 7 Pillars of Marketing:

Pillar 1: Branding


Building a powerful brand promise requires that your company’s brand messaging and business value proposition be crystal clear. Your company is distinctive because of your “brand.” People are more likely to recognize a name, symbol, or design. A company’s branding is what potential clients and consumers associate with it and what distinguishes its goods and services from those of its rivals.

Define your brand

Building your brand is quite similar to an exercise in self-discovery. For the majority of us, it takes time, is uncomfortable, and is challenging. Answer the following questions to begin developing your brand after taking into account the requirements, preferences, and customs of your current and potential clients:

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • What advantages do your products or services provide?
  • What perception do customers have of your business?
  • What qualities and features do you want customers to identify with your business?

Pillar 2: Visibility


To attract potential customers, it is important to increase online visibility through both free and paid platforms. When promoting a business online, you have the advantage of being able to specifically target your prospective customers and reach millions of individuals with a few strategically placed, attractive advertisements.

Increasing online visibility can be accomplished by:

  • Social media activities
  • Local SEO
  • Organic search results
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Banner advertisements
  • Retargeting

Spending money on your business’s online visibility and presence is a wise use of your marketing budget. It’s safeguarding the future success of your firm. It is easier to make your target market aware of and informed about your products and services the more visible your business is to them, making you the firm they turn to when the time comes to make a purchase.

Online marketing assumes that your potential clients are already looking for the goods and services you provide online. Using tactics that bring your business in front of those who are seeking it through the appropriate channels they use—online directories, social media, local websites, search engines, etc.—you may boost your online visibility.

Your business’s success totally depends on increasing your online presence. Your company will become irrelevant and difficult to find if you fall behind your rivals in technology. To boost sales, your visibility campaigns should bring a constant flow of new users to your website.

Pillar 3: Authority


Establishing credibility with industry insiders and rivals requires creating authority through thought leadership. Although it won’t happen immediately, you can become recognized as an authority figure with time.

You can engage in a variety of actions to start establishing your authority, such as:

Write a book: While promoting your expertise, you can inform potential clients about your sector.

Write articles for trade journals and industry magazines: Find periodicals, journals, and newspapers whose readership is likely to be similar to your target market and create educational articles for these publications. Obtaining one “yes” will lead to another “yes,” and with each new article published in your industry, your credibility will increase. You certainly won’t have every article you write accepted for publication, but getting one “yes” will lead to another “yes.”

Become a speaker: Participate as a speaker at industry gatherings to educate the audience about your field. Speaking at an industry event not only establishes you as an authority in the field, but you may also leave with new clients and sources of income.

Become a teacher: Hold webinars, conferences, and seminars. Teach your audience what you know.

Start a blog: On your own blog, publish industry-related posts regularly. As you gain experience in the field, other websites in related industries may connect to you as the expert on the topic.

Pillar 4: Social Presence

Social Presence

Prospects and consumers are more likely to engage when a business has a strong social presence. It can also help your company expand more quickly than weeds, but only if you have a sizable fan base and understand how to give them the information they want. A social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn is now as common as a driver’s license. Though it may require a little more thought than simply telling your followers what you had for dinner or your daily workout stats, using social media for business does. If used properly, social media for business can boost your organization’s visibility, convert leads into customers, and boost profits.

Pick the right platform for your company’s social presence

Although you might enjoy using Facebook for personal purposes, boosting your company’s social media presence might necessitate using other networks. Establish your company’s presence on the social media channels where your target market is active. Setting specific key performance indicator goals for the number of followers or shares of your material will help you track your progress even though it might be challenging to quantify the effectiveness of social media for business in terms of income.

Increasing your reach and visibility on social media is more important when you’re a business. Any of the social media platforms allow you to engage with potential clients and customers; just make sure that you keep up with your accounts and reply to messages sent to you.

Pillar 5: Conversion


Conversions are significantly impacted by the use of the right call-to-action. The goal is to make sure that visitors can act and transform from website visitors to leads. When visitors arrive at your landing page, you must know what specific action you want them to do. For the business, not getting a website visitor’s contact information is a missed opportunity.

It is crucial to converting website visitors and the online audience into leads by making relevant and targeted offers. When it comes to your website, keep the following in mind:

  • You only have eight seconds to grab a website visitor’s attention. If you don’t achieve this with a catchy headline and landing page, visitors will leave before they even learn what you have to offer.
  • The number of leads you generate from a website increases as you add more landing pages.
  • Purchases can rise by as much as 144% when videos are used to describe goods and services.
  • The secret to increasing conversions is A/B testing of your content.

Pillar 6: Nurture

Leads Nurture

Increasing sales requires educating and assisting leads until they are prepared to make a purchase. The journey of the customer starts when he or she decides there is a demand for a good or service and concludes when the buyer makes the purchase. You want to keep providing potential purchasers with the details they require in order to make decisions about purchases later on throughout this interim period. You can achieve this through remarketing and email marketing. Through the use of adverts on websites that are a part of the Google Display Network or while using Google to search for information about your product or service, remarketing is the key to contacting visitors who have already been to your website.

72% of prospective customers will use Google to start their investigation when they discover they have a problem that must be solved by buying a good or service. Buyers are now doing product research, looking for instructional resources, and reading customer comments or reviews. In fact, almost 70% of the buyer’s journey is finished before they even start looking for a place or company to purchase their product or service from, according to SiriusDecisions. The key to closing the deal is to use the nurturing process to make sure that your business comes to mind when they need to make a purchase.

Pillar 7: Measurement

Performance Measurement

KPI measurement is essential for campaign optimization. Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are metrics that a business uses to assess whether it is on the correct path to success. If things aren’t going as planned, evaluating KPIs enables you to pinpoint where adjustments should be made.

Reaching a specified threshold for clients, sales, or revenue within a given timeframe are all examples of key performance indicators (KPIs). Other KPI metrics you should monitor include:

  • Traffic Sources
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • User Demographics
  • Network Referrals
  • Search Engine Ranking

You can measure KPIs manually using spreadsheets or in-depth notes, or you can automate the process and lower your chance of error by using a variety of KPI measurement tools.

There are several options, from free to pricey, for marketing your company. Making sure you are using the 7 Pillars of Marketing for your company is the key to gaining a return on investment for your marketing efforts. In case you’re looking for a reliable digital marketing company in Kolkata, you can get in touch with SB Infowaves.

Why Choose a Local Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business?

You are aware that you require the assistance of a digital marketing agency to help you generate leaders, attract customers, manage your social media profiles, compose and send emails, publish your blogs, and obtain backlinks from domains with high domain authority.

However, you’re not certain whether you should hire a local digital marketing company or a different organization that isn’t in your neighborhood. Working with a local firm provides multiple benefits, even if there are many factors to take into account when selecting a marketing agency.

  • You can communicate more effectively

Communication Better

There are fewer (if any) chances to have face-to-face meetings when working remotely with a digital marketing agency. As a result, you could occasionally feel as though you aren’t communicating effectively and that something has been “lost in translation.” It’s possible that you’ll feel frustrated when attempting to communicate a point or be misunderstood by (or misunderstand) the partners at your agency.

When partnering with a local agency, you can have face-to-face meetings as necessary. You can both spend time together, clear up any misunderstandings, and effectively communicate your visions to one another. Working together will help you develop a closer relationship and choose how to develop your company.

The fact that you and your local digital marketing agency are in the same time zone is an additional benefit. You and your coworkers from the marketing agency get to work at 9 a.m., eat lunch at 1 p.m., and work until 6 p.m. You observe the same holidays off, and you plan your online and offline activities accordingly.

If your agency is local, you can move more quickly and be on the same page.

  • They understand a local audience

A local digital marketing agency in Kolkata will serve you best if you run a locally based business, such as a retail store in the heart of Kolkata or a restaurant chain with locations all over West Bengal, as they are familiar with the target market you want to appeal to. Additionally, they are familiar with the local lingo, the hotspots in town, the important local influencers you need to connect with, and the best ways to create targeted Google and social media ads.

Local Market

  • Comprehensive understanding of the local market

A local marketing business with years of expertise, like SB Infowaves, has a thorough knowledge of the regional market for a variety of industries.

By working with such an agency, you may benefit from their in-depth understanding of the regional market, including client demands and requirements, without having to spend countless hours conducting market research and analysis.

As a result, it will take you less time to get to the important stuff, like increasing sales and generating leads.

  • You’ll get the attention you deserve


A local marketing company can provide you with individualized attention, unlike the big names.

Don’t get us wrong; if you hire a big marketing company, they will undoubtedly perform a good job. They must concentrate their efforts on clients who are more significant and well-known, so you receive less as a result.

On the other hand, a local marketing-focused digital marketing company would concentrate its time and efforts on your brand to completely understand it and plan to offer tailored solutions.

  • You know their clients


You might not know any of the clients of an out-of-town firm when you engage them. You might not even be familiar with their clients. But you can find out whether a local digital marketing company has had positive or negative experiences by speaking with its current and former clients.

If there are problems with the agency, you can learn why they are happening and how to fix them. In essence, you are not alone.

To strengthen your agency’s connections, you can potentially work together on campaigns with other clients. For instance, if you run a bar and your agency works with a tequila brand, the agency can forge that connection so that both of you benefit. They might be able to connect you with a local client they deal with who has a larger following than you so you can get advice on how to expand and be mentored.

Since you all live in the same place, you’re in it together. You’re all on the same team as small business owners working to stay afloat and provide your neighbors with the greatest products and services available, and that kind of cooperation may be beneficial for your enterprise.

Finding the Best Digital Marketing Company 

If you’re prepared to hire a local digital marketing agency, start by reading internet reviews, getting information from their clients, confirming that they have the skills you require, and determining whether their prices fit within your budget. Make sure your corporate values are in line with your research by being comprehensive. Keep in mind that the agency you select should serve as a long-term partner to assist you in achieving and exceeding your marketing objectives for many years to come.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in 2022!

When you’re a small business, digital marketing strategies may go to the bottom of your priority list. It may, however, be one of the most effective strategies to attract new customers to your website.

Customers can find you more readily when you have a great web marketing plan in place, and you won’t have to actively seek out new chances.

Trust us when we say that digital marketing has a tremendous influence on small businesses.

Now that we are almost in the middle of the year 2022, we’ve compiled a list of 5 digital marketing strategies for startups and small businesses like yours.

These tactics can help you increase brand recognition, improve your search engine results, and put you ahead of the competition.

Let’s take a look at what you can achieve in 2022.

1. Audit your existing pages

Audit your existing pages

The New Year is a great time to clean up your house, and it’s also a great time to take a look at your website.

Are there any pages that aren’t doing well and should be removed?

A content audit may help you not only streamline and improve the usability of your website but also identify any holes that need to be filled in the months ahead.

Examine each page of your website and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which pages have the most visitors?
  • What are the most popular pages in terms of visitors and conversions?
  • What parts of the site haven’t been updated in a long time?

You’ll have all the data you need to decide if a page should be kept as is, optimized, or eliminated.

A digital marketing company for small businesses in India may provide you with content marketing services to help boost traffic if you require fresh or amended material.

2. Focus on quality backlinks

Focus on quality backlinks

Getting other websites to link back to you might help you rank higher in the search engines. This tells Google, Bing, and Yahoo that your website is trustworthy and credible.

When it comes to backlinks, the number is less significant than the quality. A single backlink from a high-quality website is far superior to a hundred spammy links. Hence, do not be hesitant to take your time!

What is the most effective way for obtaining quality backlinks?

By producing and providing useful material that others want to share. You’re more likely to acquire that all-important stamp of approval from another website if you create long-form articles or infographics that address prospective buyers’ questions.

3. Use social proof

Use social proof

Your digital marketing strategies can be greatly aided by social proof. In the eyes of potential clients, an endorsement from a pleasing business adds credibility to your company.

With an astounding 90% of customers checking internet reviews before making a purchase, your small business may see an increase in sales and inquiries.

Reach out to your loyal customers and see if they’d be willing to submit a testimonial or collaborate on a case study with you.

This content may then be shared on any relevant internet pages, social media platforms, and brochures.

4. Consider voice search

Consider voice search

Over the last few years, voice search has been increasingly popular. We all have voice search on our phones, and many people also have a smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home.

You may utilize this to your advantage if you want to increase your small business’s web marketing in India.

People use voice search in a different way than if they entered their query into a search engine. They ask more questions and speak in a more conversational tone. Making changes to your web pages to support this, such as inserting pertinent FAQs, may make it simpler for voice searches to locate and obtain immediate answers from your site, giving your brand credibility.

It’s also a good idea to optimize your site for local searches. In relation to that…

5. Look at your local SEO

Look at your local SEO

When it comes to digital marketing strategies for your small business in India, local SEO might be one of the most important techniques in your toolkit.

Local SEO may assist you to target the proper geographical region if you focus on offering products and services to a local area. Here are a few basic techniques to increase your local visibility:

  • Completing your Google My Business profile.
  • Using local keywords (for instance, ‘xxx “in location”’).
  • Obtaining backlinks from other websites with a local focus.
  • Mentioning the markets in which you sell your goods and services. Localized landing pages are an excellent approach to do this.
  • Creating SEO-friendly blogs and web content that benefits your local audience. If you want assistance, an agency for digital marketing for startups India may assist you with your SEO blog planning needs.


Don’t overlook the importance of digital marketing strategies for startups and small businesses.

We hope that this blog has provided you with some ideas for your next digital marketing campaign.

Small modifications might have a big influence on your search engine results if you’re a small business. Investing a few hours each week to examine your online presence and make a few changes can result in more web traffic, sales, and inquiries.

Remember that if you don’t have time to work on these techniques on your own, a reputable digital marketing company can gladly assist you.

Advanced Trends In Digital Marketing That Are Ruling The Arena In 2022

Every year, we find some expected and new trends that lay the terra firma for the future of marketing. And even in years as trouble-ridden as 2020-21, we have not been disappointed, so if any, the digital marketing trends in 2022 are also set to be some of the most ground-breaking to date.

To start the year, we saw a booming rise of Tik Tok, which has now taken over all the channels among the Gen Z users.

On the other hand, Crypto and NFTs are continuing their increasing momentum, sparkling ultramodern ideas about the future of finance.

In the meanwhile, Google has announced it would phase out third-party cookies by 2023, leaving digital marketers and advertisers a minimum of another two years in the future beyond that stated year to navigate new channels to reach their target audience. And of late Facebook changed its name to Meta in a nod to the company’s ambition to embrace Metaverse – which is a virtual 3D universe.

All in all, we can say as one of the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata that there is a lot of exciting and awesome developments in the digital world that will certainly impact the way we communicate today.

To help digest and navigate the year ahead,

Here are a few digital marketing trends that are going to rule this year: ⤵️

1. Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing



In recent years, advancements in AI have led to more intuitive reporting along with enhancements in automation for complex marketing tasks like monitoring site traffic and boosting SEO skills for organic growth.

However, rather than focusing on what we already have gained from Artificial Intelligence, it is time to look into the future and how it will impact digital marketing.

As AI technology is advancing so are its capabilities. Like moving ahead from just automating campaigns and tasks to being capable of predicting what customers are likely to procure or want next.

This is because with cutting-edge storage systems like Data Lakes AI can analyze more data faster than any humans can do.

AI can help digital markets to personalize advertisements for enhanced targeting and better conversations in 2022.

2. NFTs And Crypto In Social Media Ecommerce

NFTs And Crypto

Even if you are not investing in cryptos, the meteoric rise of online currencies like BitCoins, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been near impossible to miss over the last few years.

Now, it might apparently seem that how can a trend like this affect your digital marketing strategies- but it is not this kind of passive thinking we are here for in 2022.

With platforms in social media like Twitter taking actions to integrate crypto payments, and a rising trend for displaying modern tools that showcase in-app purchases of NFTs, now is the time to evaluate how your brand can jump on the bandwagon. Additionally, Facebook (aka Meta) is already promoting the use of Avatars and NFT display options and we expect to see more and more businesses taking a step in this direction.

The focus with NFTs and cryptocurrency is to think about how to sell the brand beyond products and services. Potentially the brand itself and the ethos it carries thereof.

3. Conversational Marketing And Quality Interactions

Conversational marketing is not anything new. Brands have been communicating with their clients and customers for years. But with the rise of AI-enabled Chatbots using CNN, Deep Learning, and RNN technologies this kind of conversational marketing is growing on an even larger scale and fast-changing the scenario of how companies are having their interactions with the customers.

With the advent of chatbots playing a larger role, now conversations can happen on a larger scale, faster, and more seamlessly than ever before. Aided by large volumes of data that help to understand the customers’ needs and expectations.

4. Privacy, Transparency, And Trust-Building

Privacy, Transparency And Trust-Building

As the horizon of digital marketing is getting overloaded the consumers are becoming ever-more suspicious of the content they are targeted with.

This is the reason why digital marketers must target for ensuring tighter privacy restrictions by re-evaluating their strategies.

As we mentioned even before, Google has actually announced its curtailing of third-party cookies by 2023. This implies several advertisers and marketers are going to need to re-examine their approaches to selling their brands, products, and services in the marketplace.

However, there is nothing to get panicked about right away as this is not the end of data-driven content marketing. It is not even the end of targeted advertising.

Rather it is the beginning of a new era of trust and transparency between company and their consumer.

Brands must now communicate with customers about what data they are collecting and for what reasons. This will make it easy and accessible for the customers to opt out at any point so that businesses should not collect any data beyond what is needed.

5. Finally- Tell A Story


Storytelling has always been a key to the marketing of brands. But when it comes to selling your product in the marketplace in this modern landscape, customers and prospects are tired of hearing about how your brand believes that your products or services are way ahead superior to the competition.

Rather now they want to know how you deliver your promises in a way that has to leave up to their expectations.
So do not just tell the consumer the benefits of the product or why it is better than the competitors. Rather brands now should show through customer testimonials and stories how their product or service can help to solve a specific problem.

Now it might not result in a direct sale, but this is an awesome way to put your brand front and center in the minds of consumers who are harassed with a specific issue. That way, when these consumers face that issue you will be the first one, they will turn to.


So, here is your handy guide to the top digital marketing trends that we are expecting to make a splash in 2022.

Well, it is going to be a big year for advancements in technology, marketing tools, and forward-thinking strategies so if you still searching for a “digital marketing company near me” in Google to help you reach your marketing goals, contact us and our digital marketers shall find an answer to your wows.


How To Write Meta Tags Like A Pro And Boost Traffic For SEO?

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there is no “set it and forget it” strategy as it is critical to stay up to date and remain in touch with the latest search engine algorithms which are regularly optimized to make searching more convenient that can make it easier for visitors to discover your website.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are snippets of texts that describe the content within the page. However, they do not appear on the page itself but are written in the page’s source code in HTML, usually at the “head” of the page, and so are only visible to search engines (and people who know where to look).
Actually, meta stands for metadata, which is the kind of data these tags provide – data about the nature of the content on your page.
Now if you want to find out whether a given page is using meta tags, the easiest way is to right-click anywhere on the webpage and select “view page source”.

Once you do this a new tab or a pop-up window will open in the browser, and the part on the top or “head” of the page, is where the meta tags would be.

Here is an illustration of how the meta tag will look in HTML:


There are many types of meta tags that are used to describe the content of a website to the search engines. However, the most important ones tend to be the “title” and the “description” tabs. As these two tabs are displayed on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) after you run a search query.

For a layman to understand, any webpage’s meta title and meta description act as a digital billboard providing the visitor a quick overview of that page. 

Hence “title” and “description” meta tags are the most crucial tags when it comes to ranking your page on the search results as they can make or break an opportunity for finding a new visitor or a potential business prospect from your website. 

That being said here is the list of meta tags from the best SEO company in Kolkata that are the most important ones to pay attention to and how you can create them correctly, as you begin optimizing your website for SEO.

1. Title Tag

Title Tag

Title tags are the most important meta tags that can have a direct impact on your webpage’s search ranking.

Therefore, having a well-written title tag can not only help to magically rank your website quickly, but it will also help in increasing clicks.

Best Practices to follow for creating title tags:

  • The maximum length of the tag should be between 50-60 characters.
  • Include the meta keyword(s) that you are trying to rank for the webpage and place them at the beginning of the HTML source code. 
  • Avoid stuffing multiple keywords (more than two) as it can have a negative impact on the SEO for that page.

2. Meta Description

Meta Description

A meta description is a string of texts that help to summarize the content of a web page and it appears just below the title tag. 

Even though meta descriptions do not help to improve your website’s ranking but it plays an important role in boosting the page’s Click Through Rate (CTR) in Google’s SERP. 

Best Practices to follow for creating meta descriptions:

  • Even though there is no limit on the length of the meta descriptions. However, since Google only shows the first 160 characters in its SERP. Hence it is recommended to keep the length within 50-160 characters.
  • The meta description should target the keyword(s) in a natural and human way
  • Avoid duplicates as each description must be unique and original
  • You can add a Call to Action (CTA) in the copy such as “Buy”, “Learn More”, Shop, etc.

4. Image Tag

Image Tag

As none of the search engines can view any images, hence it is suggested to create image tags (aka “alt text”) to illustrate the content and meaning of an image.

Image tags are especially important for ADA-compliant websites. 

Adding more content around the images also makes it easier for the search engines to provide the users with the best images on a search.

Best Practices to follow for creating image tags:

  • You can use keywords when describing the images. Although not including keywords does not have a huge impact on the search engines.
  • Optimize your most important images.
  • When uploading images to your CMs, name them appropriately and avoid using images that read “DSC-HX9901895” or similar forms and so tell nothing about the images.

5. Header Tag

Header Tag

Heading tags or header tags rank in order from H1 to H6 and help to divide the page into easily digestible sections for ease of reading. Additionally, header tags aid the search engines to understand and crawl through the website and create a better experience for the crawler bots.  

Best Practices to follow for creating header tags:

  • Avoid naming your headers by Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, etc…
  • Include relevant keywords and headings relevant to the body text.
  • Make sure all of your H1s are unique.
  • Be interesting and consistent with your other pages.


Meta tags are one piece of the SEO puzzle and a great first step to enhancing your search rankings. Make sure to include target keywords in meta titles and descriptions to help boost your SEO efforts.

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