What Are the 7 Pillars of Marketing?

All business owners and managers will agree that marketing is an expense that must be incurred in order to operate a company, yet it’s normal for companies to consistently invest funds in marketing initiatives without seeing a return on their investment. Your marketing funds are simply squandered if the marketing efforts aren’t generating new leads and sales for your company. You may have a stunning website and excellent blog posts that establish you as an expert in your field. To get ROI on your marketing investment, make sure your marketing activities are part of the 7 Pillars of Marketing:

Pillar 1: Branding


Building a powerful brand promise requires that your company’s brand messaging and business value proposition be crystal clear. Your company is distinctive because of your “brand.” People are more likely to recognize a name, symbol, or design. A company’s branding is what potential clients and consumers associate with it and what distinguishes its goods and services from those of its rivals.

Define your brand

Building your brand is quite similar to an exercise in self-discovery. For the majority of us, it takes time, is uncomfortable, and is challenging. Answer the following questions to begin developing your brand after taking into account the requirements, preferences, and customs of your current and potential clients:

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • What advantages do your products or services provide?
  • What perception do customers have of your business?
  • What qualities and features do you want customers to identify with your business?

Pillar 2: Visibility


To attract potential customers, it is important to increase online visibility through both free and paid platforms. When promoting a business online, you have the advantage of being able to specifically target your prospective customers and reach millions of individuals with a few strategically placed, attractive advertisements.

Increasing online visibility can be accomplished by:

  • Social media activities
  • Local SEO
  • Organic search results
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Banner advertisements
  • Retargeting

Spending money on your business’s online visibility and presence is a wise use of your marketing budget. It’s safeguarding the future success of your firm. It is easier to make your target market aware of and informed about your products and services the more visible your business is to them, making you the firm they turn to when the time comes to make a purchase.

Online marketing assumes that your potential clients are already looking for the goods and services you provide online. Using tactics that bring your business in front of those who are seeking it through the appropriate channels they use—online directories, social media, local websites, search engines, etc.—you may boost your online visibility.

Your business’s success totally depends on increasing your online presence. Your company will become irrelevant and difficult to find if you fall behind your rivals in technology. To boost sales, your visibility campaigns should bring a constant flow of new users to your website.

Pillar 3: Authority


Establishing credibility with industry insiders and rivals requires creating authority through thought leadership. Although it won’t happen immediately, you can become recognized as an authority figure with time.

You can engage in a variety of actions to start establishing your authority, such as:

Write a book: While promoting your expertise, you can inform potential clients about your sector.

Write articles for trade journals and industry magazines: Find periodicals, journals, and newspapers whose readership is likely to be similar to your target market and create educational articles for these publications. Obtaining one “yes” will lead to another “yes,” and with each new article published in your industry, your credibility will increase. You certainly won’t have every article you write accepted for publication, but getting one “yes” will lead to another “yes.”

Become a speaker: Participate as a speaker at industry gatherings to educate the audience about your field. Speaking at an industry event not only establishes you as an authority in the field, but you may also leave with new clients and sources of income.

Become a teacher: Hold webinars, conferences, and seminars. Teach your audience what you know.

Start a blog: On your own blog, publish industry-related posts regularly. As you gain experience in the field, other websites in related industries may connect to you as the expert on the topic.

Pillar 4: Social Presence

Social Presence

Prospects and consumers are more likely to engage when a business has a strong social presence. It can also help your company expand more quickly than weeds, but only if you have a sizable fan base and understand how to give them the information they want. A social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn is now as common as a driver’s license. Though it may require a little more thought than simply telling your followers what you had for dinner or your daily workout stats, using social media for business does. If used properly, social media for business can boost your organization’s visibility, convert leads into customers, and boost profits.

Pick the right platform for your company’s social presence

Although you might enjoy using Facebook for personal purposes, boosting your company’s social media presence might necessitate using other networks. Establish your company’s presence on the social media channels where your target market is active. Setting specific key performance indicator goals for the number of followers or shares of your material will help you track your progress even though it might be challenging to quantify the effectiveness of social media for business in terms of income.

Increasing your reach and visibility on social media is more important when you’re a business. Any of the social media platforms allow you to engage with potential clients and customers; just make sure that you keep up with your accounts and reply to messages sent to you.

Pillar 5: Conversion


Conversions are significantly impacted by the use of the right call-to-action. The goal is to make sure that visitors can act and transform from website visitors to leads. When visitors arrive at your landing page, you must know what specific action you want them to do. For the business, not getting a website visitor’s contact information is a missed opportunity.

It is crucial to converting website visitors and the online audience into leads by making relevant and targeted offers. When it comes to your website, keep the following in mind:

  • You only have eight seconds to grab a website visitor’s attention. If you don’t achieve this with a catchy headline and landing page, visitors will leave before they even learn what you have to offer.
  • The number of leads you generate from a website increases as you add more landing pages.
  • Purchases can rise by as much as 144% when videos are used to describe goods and services.
  • The secret to increasing conversions is A/B testing of your content.

Pillar 6: Nurture

Leads Nurture

Increasing sales requires educating and assisting leads until they are prepared to make a purchase. The journey of the customer starts when he or she decides there is a demand for a good or service and concludes when the buyer makes the purchase. You want to keep providing potential purchasers with the details they require in order to make decisions about purchases later on throughout this interim period. You can achieve this through remarketing and email marketing. Through the use of adverts on websites that are a part of the Google Display Network or while using Google to search for information about your product or service, remarketing is the key to contacting visitors who have already been to your website.

72% of prospective customers will use Google to start their investigation when they discover they have a problem that must be solved by buying a good or service. Buyers are now doing product research, looking for instructional resources, and reading customer comments or reviews. In fact, almost 70% of the buyer’s journey is finished before they even start looking for a place or company to purchase their product or service from, according to SiriusDecisions. The key to closing the deal is to use the nurturing process to make sure that your business comes to mind when they need to make a purchase.

Pillar 7: Measurement

Performance Measurement

KPI measurement is essential for campaign optimization. Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are metrics that a business uses to assess whether it is on the correct path to success. If things aren’t going as planned, evaluating KPIs enables you to pinpoint where adjustments should be made.

Reaching a specified threshold for clients, sales, or revenue within a given timeframe are all examples of key performance indicators (KPIs). Other KPI metrics you should monitor include:

  • Traffic Sources
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • User Demographics
  • Network Referrals
  • Search Engine Ranking

You can measure KPIs manually using spreadsheets or in-depth notes, or you can automate the process and lower your chance of error by using a variety of KPI measurement tools.

There are several options, from free to pricey, for marketing your company. Making sure you are using the 7 Pillars of Marketing for your company is the key to gaining a return on investment for your marketing efforts. In case you’re looking for a reliable digital marketing company in Kolkata, you can get in touch with SB Infowaves.

Why Choose a Local Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business?

You are aware that you require the assistance of a digital marketing agency to help you generate leaders, attract customers, manage your social media profiles, compose and send emails, publish your blogs, and obtain backlinks from domains with high domain authority.

However, you’re not certain whether you should hire a local digital marketing company or a different organization that isn’t in your neighborhood. Working with a local firm provides multiple benefits, even if there are many factors to take into account when selecting a marketing agency.

  • You can communicate more effectively

Communication Better

There are fewer (if any) chances to have face-to-face meetings when working remotely with a digital marketing agency. As a result, you could occasionally feel as though you aren’t communicating effectively and that something has been “lost in translation.” It’s possible that you’ll feel frustrated when attempting to communicate a point or be misunderstood by (or misunderstand) the partners at your agency.

When partnering with a local agency, you can have face-to-face meetings as necessary. You can both spend time together, clear up any misunderstandings, and effectively communicate your visions to one another. Working together will help you develop a closer relationship and choose how to develop your company.

The fact that you and your local digital marketing agency are in the same time zone is an additional benefit. You and your coworkers from the marketing agency get to work at 9 a.m., eat lunch at 1 p.m., and work until 6 p.m. You observe the same holidays off, and you plan your online and offline activities accordingly.

If your agency is local, you can move more quickly and be on the same page.

  • They understand a local audience

A local digital marketing agency in Kolkata will serve you best if you run a locally based business, such as a retail store in the heart of Kolkata or a restaurant chain with locations all over West Bengal, as they are familiar with the target market you want to appeal to. Additionally, they are familiar with the local lingo, the hotspots in town, the important local influencers you need to connect with, and the best ways to create targeted Google and social media ads.

Local Market

  • Comprehensive understanding of the local market

A local marketing business with years of expertise, like SB Infowaves, has a thorough knowledge of the regional market for a variety of industries.

By working with such an agency, you may benefit from their in-depth understanding of the regional market, including client demands and requirements, without having to spend countless hours conducting market research and analysis.

As a result, it will take you less time to get to the important stuff, like increasing sales and generating leads.

  • You’ll get the attention you deserve


A local marketing company can provide you with individualized attention, unlike the big names.

Don’t get us wrong; if you hire a big marketing company, they will undoubtedly perform a good job. They must concentrate their efforts on clients who are more significant and well-known, so you receive less as a result.

On the other hand, a local marketing-focused digital marketing company would concentrate its time and efforts on your brand to completely understand it and plan to offer tailored solutions.

  • You know their clients


You might not know any of the clients of an out-of-town firm when you engage them. You might not even be familiar with their clients. But you can find out whether a local digital marketing company has had positive or negative experiences by speaking with its current and former clients.

If there are problems with the agency, you can learn why they are happening and how to fix them. In essence, you are not alone.

To strengthen your agency’s connections, you can potentially work together on campaigns with other clients. For instance, if you run a bar and your agency works with a tequila brand, the agency can forge that connection so that both of you benefit. They might be able to connect you with a local client they deal with who has a larger following than you so you can get advice on how to expand and be mentored.

Since you all live in the same place, you’re in it together. You’re all on the same team as small business owners working to stay afloat and provide your neighbors with the greatest products and services available, and that kind of cooperation may be beneficial for your enterprise.

Finding the Best Digital Marketing Company 

If you’re prepared to hire a local digital marketing agency, start by reading internet reviews, getting information from their clients, confirming that they have the skills you require, and determining whether their prices fit within your budget. Make sure your corporate values are in line with your research by being comprehensive. Keep in mind that the agency you select should serve as a long-term partner to assist you in achieving and exceeding your marketing objectives for many years to come.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in 2022!

When you’re a small business, digital marketing strategies may go to the bottom of your priority list. It may, however, be one of the most effective strategies to attract new customers to your website.

Customers can find you more readily when you have a great web marketing plan in place, and you won’t have to actively seek out new chances.

Trust us when we say that digital marketing has a tremendous influence on small businesses.

Now that we are almost in the middle of the year 2022, we’ve compiled a list of 5 digital marketing strategies for startups and small businesses like yours.

These tactics can help you increase brand recognition, improve your search engine results, and put you ahead of the competition.

Let’s take a look at what you can achieve in 2022.

1. Audit your existing pages

Audit your existing pages

The New Year is a great time to clean up your house, and it’s also a great time to take a look at your website.

Are there any pages that aren’t doing well and should be removed?

A content audit may help you not only streamline and improve the usability of your website but also identify any holes that need to be filled in the months ahead.

Examine each page of your website and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which pages have the most visitors?
  • What are the most popular pages in terms of visitors and conversions?
  • What parts of the site haven’t been updated in a long time?

You’ll have all the data you need to decide if a page should be kept as is, optimized, or eliminated.

A digital marketing company for small businesses in India may provide you with content marketing services to help boost traffic if you require fresh or amended material.

2. Focus on quality backlinks

Focus on quality backlinks

Getting other websites to link back to you might help you rank higher in the search engines. This tells Google, Bing, and Yahoo that your website is trustworthy and credible.

When it comes to backlinks, the number is less significant than the quality. A single backlink from a high-quality website is far superior to a hundred spammy links. Hence, do not be hesitant to take your time!

What is the most effective way for obtaining quality backlinks?

By producing and providing useful material that others want to share. You’re more likely to acquire that all-important stamp of approval from another website if you create long-form articles or infographics that address prospective buyers’ questions.

3. Use social proof

Use social proof

Your digital marketing strategies can be greatly aided by social proof. In the eyes of potential clients, an endorsement from a pleasing business adds credibility to your company.

With an astounding 90% of customers checking internet reviews before making a purchase, your small business may see an increase in sales and inquiries.

Reach out to your loyal customers and see if they’d be willing to submit a testimonial or collaborate on a case study with you.

This content may then be shared on any relevant internet pages, social media platforms, and brochures.

4. Consider voice search

Consider voice search

Over the last few years, voice search has been increasingly popular. We all have voice search on our phones, and many people also have a smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home.

You may utilize this to your advantage if you want to increase your small business’s web marketing in India.

People use voice search in a different way than if they entered their query into a search engine. They ask more questions and speak in a more conversational tone. Making changes to your web pages to support this, such as inserting pertinent FAQs, may make it simpler for voice searches to locate and obtain immediate answers from your site, giving your brand credibility.

It’s also a good idea to optimize your site for local searches. In relation to that…

5. Look at your local SEO

Look at your local SEO

When it comes to digital marketing strategies for your small business in India, local SEO might be one of the most important techniques in your toolkit.

Local SEO may assist you to target the proper geographical region if you focus on offering products and services to a local area. Here are a few basic techniques to increase your local visibility:

  • Completing your Google My Business profile.
  • Using local keywords (for instance, ‘xxx “in location”’).
  • Obtaining backlinks from other websites with a local focus.
  • Mentioning the markets in which you sell your goods and services. Localized landing pages are an excellent approach to do this.
  • Creating SEO-friendly blogs and web content that benefits your local audience. If you want assistance, an agency for digital marketing for startups India may assist you with your SEO blog planning needs.


Don’t overlook the importance of digital marketing strategies for startups and small businesses.

We hope that this blog has provided you with some ideas for your next digital marketing campaign.

Small modifications might have a big influence on your search engine results if you’re a small business. Investing a few hours each week to examine your online presence and make a few changes can result in more web traffic, sales, and inquiries.

Remember that if you don’t have time to work on these techniques on your own, a reputable digital marketing company can gladly assist you.

Advanced Trends In Digital Marketing That Are Ruling The Arena In 2022

Every year, we find some expected and new trends that lay the terra firma for the future of marketing. And even in years as trouble-ridden as 2020-21, we have not been disappointed, so if any, the digital marketing trends in 2022 are also set to be some of the most ground-breaking to date.

To start the year, we saw a booming rise of Tik Tok, which has now taken over all the channels among the Gen Z users.

On the other hand, Crypto and NFTs are continuing their increasing momentum, sparkling ultramodern ideas about the future of finance.

In the meanwhile, Google has announced it would phase out third-party cookies by 2023, leaving digital marketers and advertisers a minimum of another two years in the future beyond that stated year to navigate new channels to reach their target audience. And of late Facebook changed its name to Meta in a nod to the company’s ambition to embrace Metaverse – which is a virtual 3D universe.

All in all, we can say as one of the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata that there is a lot of exciting and awesome developments in the digital world that will certainly impact the way we communicate today.

To help digest and navigate the year ahead,

Here are a few digital marketing trends that are going to rule this year: ⤵️

1. Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing



In recent years, advancements in AI have led to more intuitive reporting along with enhancements in automation for complex marketing tasks like monitoring site traffic and boosting SEO skills for organic growth.

However, rather than focusing on what we already have gained from Artificial Intelligence, it is time to look into the future and how it will impact digital marketing.

As AI technology is advancing so are its capabilities. Like moving ahead from just automating campaigns and tasks to being capable of predicting what customers are likely to procure or want next.

This is because with cutting-edge storage systems like Data Lakes AI can analyze more data faster than any humans can do.

AI can help digital markets to personalize advertisements for enhanced targeting and better conversations in 2022.

2. NFTs And Crypto In Social Media Ecommerce

NFTs And Crypto

Even if you are not investing in cryptos, the meteoric rise of online currencies like BitCoins, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been near impossible to miss over the last few years.

Now, it might apparently seem that how can a trend like this affect your digital marketing strategies- but it is not this kind of passive thinking we are here for in 2022.

With platforms in social media like Twitter taking actions to integrate crypto payments, and a rising trend for displaying modern tools that showcase in-app purchases of NFTs, now is the time to evaluate how your brand can jump on the bandwagon. Additionally, Facebook (aka Meta) is already promoting the use of Avatars and NFT display options and we expect to see more and more businesses taking a step in this direction.

The focus with NFTs and cryptocurrency is to think about how to sell the brand beyond products and services. Potentially the brand itself and the ethos it carries thereof.

3. Conversational Marketing And Quality Interactions

Conversational marketing is not anything new. Brands have been communicating with their clients and customers for years. But with the rise of AI-enabled Chatbots using CNN, Deep Learning, and RNN technologies this kind of conversational marketing is growing on an even larger scale and fast-changing the scenario of how companies are having their interactions with the customers.

With the advent of chatbots playing a larger role, now conversations can happen on a larger scale, faster, and more seamlessly than ever before. Aided by large volumes of data that help to understand the customers’ needs and expectations.

4. Privacy, Transparency, And Trust-Building

Privacy, Transparency And Trust-Building

As the horizon of digital marketing is getting overloaded the consumers are becoming ever-more suspicious of the content they are targeted with.

This is the reason why digital marketers must target for ensuring tighter privacy restrictions by re-evaluating their strategies.

As we mentioned even before, Google has actually announced its curtailing of third-party cookies by 2023. This implies several advertisers and marketers are going to need to re-examine their approaches to selling their brands, products, and services in the marketplace.

However, there is nothing to get panicked about right away as this is not the end of data-driven content marketing. It is not even the end of targeted advertising.

Rather it is the beginning of a new era of trust and transparency between company and their consumer.

Brands must now communicate with customers about what data they are collecting and for what reasons. This will make it easy and accessible for the customers to opt out at any point so that businesses should not collect any data beyond what is needed.

5. Finally- Tell A Story


Storytelling has always been a key to the marketing of brands. But when it comes to selling your product in the marketplace in this modern landscape, customers and prospects are tired of hearing about how your brand believes that your products or services are way ahead superior to the competition.

Rather now they want to know how you deliver your promises in a way that has to leave up to their expectations.
So do not just tell the consumer the benefits of the product or why it is better than the competitors. Rather brands now should show through customer testimonials and stories how their product or service can help to solve a specific problem.

Now it might not result in a direct sale, but this is an awesome way to put your brand front and center in the minds of consumers who are harassed with a specific issue. That way, when these consumers face that issue you will be the first one, they will turn to.


So, here is your handy guide to the top digital marketing trends that we are expecting to make a splash in 2022.

Well, it is going to be a big year for advancements in technology, marketing tools, and forward-thinking strategies so if you still searching for a “digital marketing company near me” in Google to help you reach your marketing goals, contact us and our digital marketers shall find an answer to your wows.


How To Write Meta Tags Like A Pro And Boost Traffic For SEO?

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there is no “set it and forget it” strategy as it is critical to stay up to date and remain in touch with the latest search engine algorithms which are regularly optimized to make searching more convenient that can make it easier for visitors to discover your website.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are snippets of texts that describe the content within the page. However, they do not appear on the page itself but are written in the page’s source code in HTML, usually at the “head” of the page, and so are only visible to search engines (and people who know where to look).
Actually, meta stands for metadata, which is the kind of data these tags provide – data about the nature of the content on your page.
Now if you want to find out whether a given page is using meta tags, the easiest way is to right-click anywhere on the webpage and select “view page source”.

Once you do this a new tab or a pop-up window will open in the browser, and the part on the top or “head” of the page, is where the meta tags would be.

Here is an illustration of how the meta tag will look in HTML:


There are many types of meta tags that are used to describe the content of a website to the search engines. However, the most important ones tend to be the “title” and the “description” tabs. As these two tabs are displayed on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) after you run a search query.

For a layman to understand, any webpage’s meta title and meta description act as a digital billboard providing the visitor a quick overview of that page. 

Hence “title” and “description” meta tags are the most crucial tags when it comes to ranking your page on the search results as they can make or break an opportunity for finding a new visitor or a potential business prospect from your website. 

That being said here is the list of meta tags from the best SEO company in Kolkata that are the most important ones to pay attention to and how you can create them correctly, as you begin optimizing your website for SEO.

1. Title Tag

Title Tag

Title tags are the most important meta tags that can have a direct impact on your webpage’s search ranking.

Therefore, having a well-written title tag can not only help to magically rank your website quickly, but it will also help in increasing clicks.

Best Practices to follow for creating title tags:

  • The maximum length of the tag should be between 50-60 characters.
  • Include the meta keyword(s) that you are trying to rank for the webpage and place them at the beginning of the HTML source code. 
  • Avoid stuffing multiple keywords (more than two) as it can have a negative impact on the SEO for that page.

2. Meta Description

Meta Description

A meta description is a string of texts that help to summarize the content of a web page and it appears just below the title tag. 

Even though meta descriptions do not help to improve your website’s ranking but it plays an important role in boosting the page’s Click Through Rate (CTR) in Google’s SERP. 

Best Practices to follow for creating meta descriptions:

  • Even though there is no limit on the length of the meta descriptions. However, since Google only shows the first 160 characters in its SERP. Hence it is recommended to keep the length within 50-160 characters.
  • The meta description should target the keyword(s) in a natural and human way
  • Avoid duplicates as each description must be unique and original
  • You can add a Call to Action (CTA) in the copy such as “Buy”, “Learn More”, Shop, etc.

4. Image Tag

Image Tag

As none of the search engines can view any images, hence it is suggested to create image tags (aka “alt text”) to illustrate the content and meaning of an image.

Image tags are especially important for ADA-compliant websites. 

Adding more content around the images also makes it easier for the search engines to provide the users with the best images on a search.

Best Practices to follow for creating image tags:

  • You can use keywords when describing the images. Although not including keywords does not have a huge impact on the search engines.
  • Optimize your most important images.
  • When uploading images to your CMs, name them appropriately and avoid using images that read “DSC-HX9901895” or similar forms and so tell nothing about the images.

5. Header Tag

Header Tag

Heading tags or header tags rank in order from H1 to H6 and help to divide the page into easily digestible sections for ease of reading. Additionally, header tags aid the search engines to understand and crawl through the website and create a better experience for the crawler bots.  

Best Practices to follow for creating header tags:

  • Avoid naming your headers by Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, etc…
  • Include relevant keywords and headings relevant to the body text.
  • Make sure all of your H1s are unique.
  • Be interesting and consistent with your other pages.


Meta tags are one piece of the SEO puzzle and a great first step to enhancing your search rankings. Make sure to include target keywords in meta titles and descriptions to help boost your SEO efforts.

If you want to rank your website higher in the SERP, and need help, contact us, and our experienced SEO professionals from the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata will be right there for your assistance. 

Understand How Search Engines Crawl and Index Your Website – Discover It Now!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of boosting the quantity and quality of traffic that lands on your website.
Nevertheless, do you know without “crawl and index” it is not possible to do so?

In other words, SEO is the process of optimizing the web pages to “organically” achieve higher search rankings by using mechanisms that can systematically browse the World Wide Web for crawling and indexing millions of webpages and websites.

Now if you have never wondered what makes a search engine go around, let us have a close look at the primary function of crawling and indexing that helps in delivering optimal search results.

What Is Web Crawling


Web Crawling
Source: Google

To explain it simply, crawling is the process that is performed by search engines where it uses web crawlers to find any new website, page link, landing page, or any alterations to current data, broken links, and many more. These web crawlers are also known as “bots” or just “spiders”.
Technically when the spiders visit any website, they follow the internal links through which they can land on other pages of the website.
Hence creating a sitemap (that contains a vital list of URLs) is one of the main reasons which help make it easier for the Google bots to crawl the website.

In other words, whenever the spider crawls the web pages or the website, it goes through the DOM (Document Object Model) that represents the logical tree structure of the website.

Technically speaking, DOM is the rendered JavaScript and HTML code of the pages in the website. Now as it is nearly impossible for the web engines to crawl the entire website at once, hence the bots crawl on the important parts of the website which are significant for measuring individual statistics that can help in raking the websites.

How To Optimize Website For Google Crawler

At times we come across specific instances wherein you might find that the Google crawler is not crawling various crucial pages of the website.
In these scenarios, it becomes necessary to tell the search engine how to crawl that specific website.

To do this create and place “robots.txt” files and place them in the root directory of the domain.

Robots.txt are files that help the crawlers to crawl the website in a systematic manner. This implies that the robots.txt file helps the crawler bot to understand which pages are needed to be crawled.

This also helps in maintaining the Crawl Budget of the website.

Key Elements That Affect The Crawl

A spider does not crawl the content if it is placed behind the login form in a webpage, or if any page needs the user to log in, as such pages are considered secured pages by the bot.

The bot does not crawl the search box info present on the website. Especially for e-commerce websites. Although most people think that when a user enters the product of their liking in the search box, they get crawled by the bot.

There is no guarantee that the bot will crawl media forms like audio, videos, and images. Hence it is advised to add the text of those embedded elements (as image names) in HTML.

Manifestations of webpages for any particular visitor where the pages are shown to the spider different from the users are blocked to the search engine bots.

Many a time the search engine crawlers detect a link to enter your web pages from other websites. However, in such a case the bot also requires the link on your website to navigate various other external landing pages.

Now, pages that do not have internal links assigned to them are known as “Orphan Pages”, and so they remain next to invisible to the spiders while crawling the website.

Crawlers of all search engines get frustrated and leave the pages when they stumble upon “crawl errors” on the website. For instance, errors like 404, 500, etc. Hence it is advised to either temporarily redirect the faulty webpages by performing 302 (redirect) or 301 (permanent redirect) to place a bridge for search engine bots and allow them to crawl appropriately.

Here is a list of names of a few of the most talked-about “Web Crawlers” which include:

  • Google Bot
  • Bing Bot
  • Slurp Bot
  • Baidu Spider
  • Yandex Bot

What Is Web Indexing


Web Indexing
Source: Google

Now that we know what is Crawling, let us understand the meaning of Indexing a website.
Simply speaking as the word reveals, “index” is the compilation of all the info of the pages crawled by the search engines.

Hence indexing is the process of archiving the gathered information in the search index database, whereby the indexed data is compared with the previously stored data with complex SEO metrics and algorithms with similar pages, which helps in the process of ranking a website.

How Can You Perceive What the Search Engine Has Indexed?

Let us take into account the most popular of all search engines on this planet – Google.

Just type “site: your domain” in Google’s search box to check how many pages are indexed in the Google SERP.

Performing this search will show all the pages the search engine has indexed which include pages, posts, images, Instagram, and more.

Now, the best means to make URLs indexed is to submit the website’s site map in the Google Search Console, where all the vital pages are listed on the map.

Website indexing plays a major role while displaying all the vital pages on the SERP.

This means that suppose any content is not visible to the Google bot, the page will not be indexable.

In reality, the Google bot visualizes the web pages in a completely different way. It sees them in different formats like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and so the components which are not accessible do not get indexed by the search engine.

How Does the Search Engine Decide What to Index?

When any user types a query, the search engine attempts to find the most pertinent answer from its already crawled pages in its database.
For instance, Google indexes the content on the web pages according to its defined algorithms, which are updated and modified at a regular interval.
Now, any search engine usually indexes the fresh and new content on the websites, which search engines like Google believes will improve the user experience.

Therefore, the better and more unique the content, the higher ranking Google renders for the webpage as it proves better for SEO.

Tips- Takeaway

As one of the best SEO company in Kolkata, we suggest you can even try using a web crawler app to get a better idea of how a search engine crawls your website.

There are several web crawlers available in the marketplace.
For instance, Screaming Frog is one of the most easy-to-use applications, that has a great interface and allows crawling up to 500 pages for free.

Apart from it, you can also use Sitebulb or Xenu’s Link Sleuth which are also excellent tools and can quickly crawl robust websites and check their status codes or find which pages link to which other pages on the website.

Our dynamic team at SB Infowaves is growing every day with their skills in digital marketing for delivering high-octane solutions to all our clients under a single umbrella at affordable prices.

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What Are The Salient Steps To Build A Successful Social Media Strategy?

From building a plan for developing a sharable content strategy to choosing the tools to manage your efforts or choosing the appropriate platform in social media, this step-by-step approach as is illustrated in this article from the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata will help position you for success.

Now, it must be remembered over here that starting a strategy does not mean you must have a static approach that puts a bar on your creativity. Rather social media marketing strategy is like a living organism that can adjust and adapt itself according to your needs.

Hence, if you are just starting to work with a new brand to set up and plan their social media campaigns or you are an entrepreneur, following these five steps will help you create an excellent strategy from scratch.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Establish your Goals


Have you ever begun a race without thinking about how you can cross the finishing line?

Of course not!

The same applies while preparing your social media strategy.

For this, primarily identify your marketing goals and how you want to communicate them to your customers.

Define both your short-term and long-term goals. This will help to increase your online presence, visibility, conversions, and sales.

This implies that having your goals defined will aid you to reach the right market, on the right channels, with the right message at the right time.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Competitor analysis

Find out who are your key competitors and identify what channels they are using to reach your consumers. Brainstorm and outline how your competitors are engaging with their customers, and how they communicate and use these as references.
Our experience as one of the most prominent social media marketing company in Kolkata is that bigger players in the marketplace will most likely have the most engagement as they use the best content.

Now, even though they might not be right in the same size as you but observing the big fish in the market will at least help you have an idea for doing a comparison.


Rather use their information to begin your unique marketing campaigns.

Find Your Brand’s Ideal Persona



Remember, numbers, in reality, do not make any sense.

As one of the top social media marketing agency in Kolkata, we have observed that even though several businesses have countless followers, oftentimes these are not the correct representation of their target audience in the marketplace.
Hence think about the stakeholders who will invest in the consumer journey of your products and services.

Now, these people might consist of business owners, decision-makers, partners, specialists, or even your own employees.
After this, evaluate each social media channel and think which will best help you to communicate with these stakeholders.

For an instance, while you might use Facebook to reach out and communicate with your partners and employees, you might find it useful to use LinkedIn to reach the influencers and decision-makers.

Creating an “Ideal Persona” for your brand’s products and services will help you better understand your target for each platform.

Videos Are Queens


It is projected by many that by 2025, more than 85% of the internet traffic will be driven by videos.

Now if this prediction is true, you need to make your brand a part of this projection.

While a 90-second video will definitely bring more attention to the consumers than a 1000 words post, so use this information to post in a video format that will be easier to share and understand.

In modern times, will the advent of several apps, video productions are not as expensive as before, with cell phones available to capture videos so easily.

While it is also true, that a cell phone is not an ideal option for capturing videos, it can be considered a fantastic start until you can do things more professionally.

In other words, never limit your creativity because of a paucity in your budget.
Stories on Instagram and Facebook are great examples of the popularity of video marketing strategies on social media platforms.

Adjust and Move Forward


Finally, try to improve upon your brand’s future content by looking at the results of your past content.
Now, remember, this being a continuous process you as a digital marketer need to build up milestones to help measure and analyze what might work well and which content needs additional improvements.

This you can do by viewing which social channels are providing better results and are within your budget so that you can generate additional paid campaigns to focus your efforts on specific opportunities.


Social media marketing can be a hard job. But its benefits are difficult to ignore.

If you do not take it seriously, you will undoubtedly miss out on leads, customers, online visibility, and sales.

Use these 5 social media marketing tips to fine-tune your strategy until you have created a winning strategy.

Just remember, social networks are made for conversing with others.

So you can even contact us – since if you do not make your audience a top priority, you will not see results And we can help you achieve that easily.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools Use In 2022 To Achieve Success

Digital marketing tools, not only help in strategizing efficiently but also helps to keep things organized.
Now after facing the shocking challenges in 2020, even the best SEO expert in Kolkata needs to focus on building innovative and better marketing strategies in 2022.

Hence in this post as one of the best SEO company in Kolkata, we are glad to share the most popular and creative digital marketing tools that you should adopt and experiment with in order to outshine your competitors’ marketing campaigns.

So without further ado let us take a look at some of the top 5 digital marketing tools that must be used in 2022:



If you want to handle multiple social media accounts and manage all your social media campaigns, Buffer is the best tool to handle them all in one place very easily. You can effortlessly schedule all your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest posts with the help of Buffer.

One of the major advantages of using this tool is that Buffer lets you understand how your campaigns on social media are performing so that you can brainstorm and improve the success ratio of your future campaigns.




In 2022 Uber Suggest which has been acquired by Neil Patel (one of the most influential SEO and digital marketing experts in the world) is the ultimate SEO tool that helps digital marketers to select all possible keywords that can boost traffic to their websites and thereby help provide visibility on the Google’s first page. Uber Suggest is so user-friendly that even a newbie or someone who has very little knowledge of SEO will be able to practice their skills using this tool.

Here are some of the major advantages of using Uber Suggest:
* Get alerts about critical issues on your site
* Make competitor analysis
* Maintain your overall SEO health
* Track your website position or ranking
* Check your website speed
* Understand the top traffic pages
* Gain valuable backlinks
* Obtain blog post content ideas easily




This is another extremely robust and useful tool in the digital marketing arena, that allows digital marketers to create, manage, and even automate their PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns from a single point across all major digital platforms, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Bing, YouTube, and more. As one of the top branding agency in Kolkata, we advise that newcomers and PPC experts in the advertisement field must use this tool, especially for its dashboard-enabled visual features and powerful automation tools.

This awesome app is capable of rotating or scheduling new ads based on specific calendar dates or performance metrics as preset by the marketer.

In other words, once you start using AdStage, as a digital marketer you shall find plenty of time to work on more creative tasks and projects and entrust the tool to manage your repetitive and tedious works.

Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an extremely cutting-edge and fast SEO tool for auditing websites. This tool can be downloaded on a desktop and is capable of running up to 500 free crawls.

Even though is this primarily a free tool but it has a paid version that includes unlimited crawls and also additional functionalities for finding deeper web insights.

Using Screaming Frog, you can even generate exportable Excel reports to help marketers with fully actionable SEO benefits, such as:

* Analyze metadata and page titles
* Find and identify broken links
* Identify duplicate content
* Audit meta, robots, and directives
* Review redirects

LSI Graph


LSI Graph
LSI Graph

LSI Graph is a beneficial tool to identify terms or keywords that you should be using within your blog.
SEO experts and digital marketers can use this tool to search and find out phrases or long-tail keywords that are related to the main keyword.

In other words, the LSI Graph tool is meant to search the internet for related terms that have the highest volume of searches which can help to assist digital marketers to determine which LSI keywords to use in their content.

You can also receive analysis reports using this tool on how well your content is optimized on key metrics like Semantic Density, LSI Usage, and even find feedback on Content Sentiment, which is one of the latest AI-based developments in SEO.


We wish that these five digital marketing tools can surely bring you the success that you are seeking in 2022. Of course, there are other useful tools, but as one of the best branding agency in Kolkata, we tried to focus on the ones that have aided our digital marketing efforts. As a prominent digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we acknowledge for rendering optimum solutions to our clients.

Contact us today if you are planning to make 2022 a growth year for your company!

4 Fundamental Tips To Generate Leads On Your Website Through SEO

Generate Leads: It is believed that any type of marketing (that even includes online marketing) takes on an average of eight touches to turn a prospective or hot lead into a paying customer.

Hence, as increasing website traffic is on every business owner’s to-do list and SEO is usually the focus, Search Engine Optimization is important to boost traffic by hiring the best lead generation services in town (though it is not the only way to generate quality leads).

Therefore, to kickstart your SEO lead generation strategy, as one of the best ad agency in Kolkata, here are four basic tips you can remember to increase your website’s organic traffic and find more conversions.

#1. Spy On Your Competition’s Website   


Competition’s Website
Competition’s Website

Why reinvent the wheel – if it is already done?

This is because you can learn a lot about your industry from your competitors.

The right SEO competitor analysis tools can easily spy on the competition to find what is working and what is not. For instance, what is their ranking, or what do you need to outrank them?

You can compare traffic statistics from multiple competitors, which might include how many unique visitors they generate in a month.

#2.Promote Google Reviews


Google Reviews
Google Reviews

One of the other leading lead generation services, that can allow your business to find more visibility and help establish a solid online presence and reputation is “reviews”.

According to statistics on average consumers in general read 10 reviews before they feel that they can trust a business. Additionally, only 53 percent of consumers will consider using a business that has less than a four-star review.

Hence reviews are an essential part of the “awareness stage” of your ideal prospects. Promoting your reviews boosts visitors’ trust and confidence in the brand.

Therefore, for your best interest get more Google reviews and thereby find more sales conversions for your products and services.

#3. Develop Outreach Partnerships


Outreach Partnerships
Outreach Partnerships

Backlinking or more commonly said as “link building” is a crucial part of SEO marketing skills. Backlinking involves getting other reputable websites with high domain authority to link back to your website.

Doing this not only aids in driving more traffic but also boosts the authority and ranking of the linked website.

For instance, getting a link from Neil Patel’s blog or any other high DA website like Deloitte, Forbes, etc., will have a great impact on your website’s ranking when compared to another newly built website.

However, this must be remembered that not all links are equal, so one must do proper research before linking their websites with other sites.


#4. Try Lead Ads From Facebook


Leads From Facebook
Leads From Facebook

As we are also master in providing PPC services in Kolkata, brands that are using Facebook ads can link their Facebook posts to a landing page on their website where they can try to collect the lead’s contact info.

You can also use Facebook Lead Ads and get the lead’s information directly from the ad itself by way of a pre-filled form that pops up with all the details of the user.

It is really an easy process, as once the user verifies their information you can get all the user details sent to you for follow-up.


The online world is evolving swiftly.

New competitors are emerging by the day and old foes are rising up their ranks from the dark depths of page 10 on the Google SERP (search results page). So, if you are not using SEO to leverage your lead generation, you are definitely going to fall behind.

Do not end up on page 10 of Google.

Let us talk about how we can help your business use SEO to get more qualified traffic and leads.

A Review On The Use Of AI For Optimizing Digital Marketing Skills

AI or Artificial Intelligence in 2022 is already transforming the face of sales and digital marketing as we know it. This is because, AI can not only speed up and optimize several aspects in marketing, but it can even help boost customer experience and thereby improve conversions.

Hence as one of the best performance marketing agency in India, we are sure that if you are involved in any sort of enterprise marketing, there is a fair chance that you are already using certain types of AI-powered solutions in your Martech stack.

Yet there are several marketers who do not understand the advantages of ML (Machine Learning) and AI over outmoded “non-intelligent” marketing software.

Therefore, if you are not on the bandwagon yet or just thinking of dipping your toes in the water here are certain ways AI as a bleeding-edge technological advancement is helping digital marketers nowadays as illustrated in this article below:

Enhanced Personalization and Recommendations

Enhanced Personalization and Recommendations

In the present times, the way consumers across the globe are interacting or responding to marketing messages are changing at a fast pace, since marketing methods like direct mail and media marketing are no longer prevalent or are effective as they once were in the past.

One reason behind this shifting concept is that today’s consumers expect their preferred brands to send them tailored messages in line with their demography, location, or interests.

In a report published by Accenture, it has been found that more than 40 percent of consumers switch brands due to a dearth of trust and poor personalized marketing, and more than 43 percent of consumers are likely to make purchases from organizations that help personalize their customer experience.

Additionally, data from Experian (an Anglo–Irish multinational consumer credit reporting company) shows that emails that have personalized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to be opened pitted against those that are not.

AI is a technology that can predict customer behaviors based on intelligent learning from their previous interactions with a brand, which implies that AI-based software solutions when they are used by marketers can send marketing communications that are more likely to convert that can lead to a sale (at the best possible time) and drive conversions.

For an instance, most of us are already familiar with the tailored recommendations that are offered by sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon, which can be startlingly accurate, particularly for users who have had had an account for several years.

Perse, Amazon uses an intelligent open-source AI framework called DSSTNE (Deep Scalable Sparse Tensor Network Engine), pronounced “Destiny” to improve the deep learning capability of the website.

Hence for offering a hyper-personalized customer experience, in the present times, AI is the only answer for analyzing customer data, using machine learning algorithms that can enable digital marketers to produce optimally personalized content and thereby boost sales and increase conversion in their marketplace.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

We all know that providing discounts while sales are low, is a surefire way to accelerate sales, since there are many customers who will buy with a smaller discount contrary to if there is no discount at all.

This is over here where AI can come into play and can be used to set the price of any product or service dynamically depending on the customer’s profile, availability, demand, season, popularity, and other factors to maximize both sales and profits of a company.

For instance, if you have ever searched for flight tickets and then gone back to buy them a couple of days later only to find it has gone up or down a few hundred dollars, this can be also a good example of dynamic pricing at work.

Customer Service Chatbots

Customer Service Chatbots

To deal with customer queries and provide 24/7 instant replies several organizations are using intelligent chatbots nowadays that can help reduce the workload of their service agents while providing faster responses to their customers.

Since WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Share Chat, and other similar messaging apps have become a convenient and popular way for customers to contact brands and businesses, ensuring that accounts are constantly staffed with customer service agents can be extremely expensive, especially for SMBs and startups.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, which is a subset of AI have become incredibly advanced in recent years, making it possible for machines to replace human agents in sales and customer roles.

With virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, we are getting more comfortable with chatbots, and in some cases even selecting them over real people.

Interesting, machines never have a bad day and so unlike humans, they can be relied on to be always engaging, polite, and likable.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search algorithms are always improving in every aspect from search engines like Google used by billions of users every day to a small database of product searches on e-commerce websites.

Integrating AI into search strings can not only pick up misspellings and suggest alternatives but can also be influenced to predict in accordance with the user’s past behaviors. This means integrated AI searches can become increasingly sophisticated at working out the searcher’s “intent”.

Additionally, special results such as “Google My Business” and shopping results are also providing the next best user experience for searchers, and voice search is becoming more commonplace as the number of AI-powered devices and assistants is continuing to grow in the digital marketing arena.

Hence in the present-day digital marketers can also use AI nowadays to optimize their content for voice search, which can help to improve site traffic and SEO skills as we move increasingly into a voice-operated digital world.

PPC Ad Optimization

PPC Ad Optimization

Since long, A/B testing is the traditional approach that was used to optimize display ads and marketing messages. However, it is a painstaking process with an infinite number of variables to try out, which in general takes up a lot of time and resources.

Using AI algorithms digital marketers now can automatically and incessantly optimize their ads depending on interactions and conversions made in the past by the customers.

Takeaway- If You Are Not Using AI Yet, You Are Already Falling Behind

While for many marketers advanced AI can seem to be intimidating, nevertheless ignoring the possibilities and benefits of AI in digital marketing means that your brand is sure to fall behind its competitors in a world that is increasingly relying on technology for sustaining business growth.

Therefore, if you have not yet explored the world of AI-powered Martech (when in reality yesterday was the time to do so), we are the SEO expert in Kolkata you can outsource for your business and help make your dreams come true easily.