Learn Why Customer Management Is A Game of Chess: Know The Chess Pieces

In this digital age, where competition is extreme and companies need to meet ever-changing customer expectations, understanding customer management is crucial to succeeding in today’s business. To efficiently manage all of your customers, you need to acquire professional skills, knowledge of the current industry, and a solid strategy – almost a game of chess. You further have to predict challenges, carefully plan your moves, and perfectly time them. 


Basic Role of A BPO Call Center In Effective Customer Management

Customer Management

If your company is choosing the right call center partnerit can set a solid customer management strategy to meet the widespread needs of customers as well as expectations to ensure appropriate solutions at each stage. And also, an effective strategy to manage your customers with results in more customer retention for the brand. If you can always make the right move, you are sure to overcome more challenges and get closer to accomplishing your company’s success goals – creating a reliable customer base. 


Like a game of chess, a company comes across countless opportunities along its success path. You have to understand the importance of customer relationship managementevaluate your new opportunities, and choose the right one to enjoy long-term benefits. After all, one such careful move is convenient to ace a game of chess and checkmate your competition. 


Ahead of starting to play a game of chess, it’s worthy to ensure inventory stock of resources at your clearance as its impossible to win the game without positioning all the chess pieces rightfully. So, let’s discover the chess piece to achieve your success in customer management.


A List of Chess Pieces That’ll Help To Improve Your Game:


The King

In this scenario, the king is your brand that all players in the team always try to protect.

The Queen

The queen is a strategy maker, who plans efficient moves to check possible outcomes and scenarios, and so will guide the right steps for the business. Having a detailed knowledge of industry norms and customer expectations, your selected call center partner fits the bill. They further have information about your competitors, existing market standards, and will ensure your customer satisfaction to the next level.

The Rooks

In this case, managers are measured as the rooks to manage the entire process of customer interaction for your business. The managers are also responsible to ensure proper management of all your customers to retain them for long-terms.

The Bishops

The bishops are a company’s assistant managers and workforce management team, who all will adequately manage your customer interactions and are skillful to deliver first contact resolution via every communication channel.

The Knights

The team leaders and quality assurance team of a BPO Call Center are the knights to lead the entire team delivering excellent customer care support. While the QA team will show the right track to represent your business through timely feedback that’ll confirm a superior experience at each customer interaction.

The Pawns

call center

The pawns are your call center agents, who work to ensure customer engagement of the brand and accurately pick your customer service strategies. They are working extra miles to make your customer feel valued by delivering high-quality solutions.

Each of these chess players will play a vital role in customer management for the brand. If each chess piece is playing well in its individual role, you can expect to meet all your goals for the business.

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7 Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Services to BPO

Your healthcare business is expanding in India, and you need to hire more people and expand your services. You might consider hiring a healthcare business process outsourcing company to help you with this.

Wait a minute!

What exactly is a healthcare BPO in India? Other business sectors, such as sales, customer service, and accounting, have outsourcing Partners, but what about Healthcare BPO Outsourcing? What services may they provide to a healthcare company?

To state it simply, a great deal.

Some of the benefits of hiring healthcare BPO in India include the ability to save time, money, and resources, among other things. Space, computer hardware, software, people onboarding, training, HR, communications, and payroll can all be handled by an Outsourcing Partner. And, due to the economies of scale, you’ll be able to get these services for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Everything that adds to your costs but not to your profits. Everything that becomes an important component of running a business but isn’t actually part of your primary business. Those duties are vital, but they aren’t why you chose to work in the healthcare industry.

Business process outsourcing for healthcare is expected to continue to rise at a breakneck pace by 2023. The fundamental reason is simple but significant: it is the best approach to allow medical staff to focus on providing genuine health care. As a result, many medical institutions are looking for and adopting BPO services to manage the bulk of their administrative tasks. And the advantages they get as a result are significant.

Claims and bill management, entering medical data and charge, and payment processing are just a few of the functions that may be efficiently outsourced. Any healthcare firm may benefit from a dependable and professional Indian healthcare BPO partner. As a result, we’ve chosen to gather and share some of the advantages that our BPO clients will undoubtedly experience when engaging our specialists at SB Infowaves to handle their data.

    1. Reduced costs

In any competitive sector, business owners are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to cut costs. Moreover, the same is true for healthcare organizations. Companies save money by outsourcing some work that they may have spent on recruiting more in-house personnel, training them, and attending courses to remain up to speed on the newest regulatory changes.

Reduced costs

    2. High Task Accuracy

In the healthcare business, however, a mistake comes at a tremendous cost. Some mistakes can cost lives. The number of mistakes will be reduced if a firm concentrates on its main operations. Data processing, data input, data mining, data conversion, data cleansing, and product information management are just a few of the services that a reliable healthcare outsourcing company in India can assist with. Isn’t that the list? The ability to outsource these tasks has changed the game.

High Task Accuracy

    3. High-Quality Medical Practice

No organization can afford not to go forward, as James Cash Penney pointed out. We agree, and we feel this statement applies to healthcare companies as well. A corporation must be able to grow its offers and test out new operations in order to deliver high-quality services and remain the market leader. The better the status of the healthcare industry is, the more efficient services a firm gives.

High-Quality Medical Practice

    4. Cooperation with Professionals

Healthcare BPO workers have access to cutting-edge technology that facilitates and improves cooperation. Professional BPO service providers also have a lot of expertise in this field. They can give the necessary direction and help, as well as ensure that all services are performed appropriately.

Cooperation with Professionals

    5. Effective Time Management

A healthcare services provider can avoid wasting time on non-core duties by collaborating with a healthcare BPO Service provider. This benefit is significant to any firm that values the ability to avoid repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Data input and mining, data processing, billing, and other duties fall under this category.

Effective Time Management

    6. Data Security

Data security is the most important factor in every industry. However, in the healthcare industry, data security is critical since patient records, invoices, prescriptions, inventory records, and other sensitive information may be stored. Storing things on the cloud can be safe, but security measures must be verified; otherwise, if they are lost for any reason, they will be lost forever.

Data Security

    7. Storage and Recovery of Data

It is critical to keep data securely so that it can be retrieved quickly if it is lost. Maintaining data in a safe location may be a pain point for healthcare practitioners. Outsourcing these tasks to healthcare BPO companies allows for safe data storage across several locations, as well as additional security against data breaches. Digital data is more secure than physical papers and can be readily reproduced if necessary.

Storage and Recovery of Data

Summing up

Improved customer or patient experience allows healthcare service providers to give a great and long-lasting experience to their patients. A negative patient experience, on the other hand, might harm the brand’s reputation. Understanding customer journeys, anticipating communication processes, and using new infrastructure and technology in healthcare facilities, on the other hand, may produce customer pleasure, resulting in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. Healthcare BPO is a one-stop-shop for all of these objectives.  Healthcare BPO in India is a boon to the medical service providers – from cost-effectiveness to providing high-quality patient care, to a seamless operating flow to accurately invoicing and coding medical records.

The healthcare sector must be accessible, cost-effective, and competent. A professional BPO service provider may be of considerable assistance in accomplishing this objective. Are you on the lookout for such an organization? Get in touch with SB Infowaves, a reputable IT firm with extensive expertise in medical billing outsourcing services.

5 Reasons to Outsource BPO Services

The interest in – and demand for – Business Process Outsourcing is growing. And rightfully so. Although the average knowledge worker earns $67,500 per year, they spend 41% of their time doing repetitive digital tasks.

You may ensure that your employees are focusing on their core strengths while handing out monotonous duties and administration at a fraction of the cost using business process outsourcing. So, what exactly is business process outsourcing, and how can it assist your company?

What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

Every day, your employees are likely performing a slew of tasks to keep your company running smoothly and, perhaps, growing. But which of these tasks are genuinely putting your employees’ primary knowledge and skillsets to use?

What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

Menial tasks, repetitive activities, and administration are all part of every profession or duty and must be completed in order to carry out the major responsibilities. Business process outsourcing can take these duties off your employees’ to-do lists and assign them to qualified, verified, low-cost offshore workers via a third party like Invisible Technologies.

BPO, on the other hand, should not be confused with traditional outsourcing. While outsourcing isn’t a new notion, it refers to when work is performed remotely, such as when a Virtual Assistant is hired. However, with BPO, a contractual worker is assigned to a whole company function, such as email marketing.

You may be confronted with the option of whether to outsource BPO services or execute them in-house as a business owner or manager. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons why you should outsource BPO services:

1. Saving Time

Business Process Outsourcing, as you might imagine, may help your organization immediately free up more time throughout the day. When you outsource repetitive tasks, you may use the time you would have spent on them on a regular basis for something else.

Saving Time

This may mean that your company’s knowledge employees in operations, marketing, and sales, as well as human resources, can accomplish jobs more quickly or take on more responsibilities. Employees who are able to put their abilities to good use and are given a variety of tasks to do are happier and more satisfied. Employee satisfaction leads to higher productivity and, as a result, higher workplace efficiency.

2. Saving Money

One of the main reasons why organizations opt to outsource BPO services is to save money. Manpower costs a significant portion of most firms’ overhead expenditures, and the hiring, training, and onboarding process may be time-consuming and costly. Businesses, on the other hand, regularly find themselves in a Catch-22 situation: their present employees are overworked and underpaid, yet there isn’t enough work (or money) to justify bringing on a new hire.

Saving Money

Business Process Outsourcing might help any size company that needs to appropriately deploy human resources. Outsourced third-party employees’ pay reflects the fact that they live and work in areas where the cost of living is significantly lower. Because they are located overseas, you won’t have to worry about having adequate office space, tools, equipment, or resources for on-site staff.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

Businesses may increase their entire development potential and flexibility by effectively utilizing outsourcing to achieve more with less time and money. It’s normal for a company’s leadership to search for additional workers to help with sales, business growth, and customer support as the firm expands. However, if the move is made too quickly, or if there is ambiguity about projected income vs. actual spending, rapid recruiting may become a financial risk.

Flexibility and Scalability

Outsourcing Business Processes may substantially reduce this risk and allow a company to rapidly ramp up or down activities as needed. BPO may be a great stepping stone for companies that want to grow fast but don’t want to hire full-time employees. BPO’s flexibility may be extremely useful to a variety of organizations, particularly those in the early phases of development.

4. Time Zone Advantage

Scalability opens up the option of entering new markets. Companies with global customers or business partners, on the other hand, have a similar problem: time zones. It might be difficult to develop into new markets when you don’t have employees on call 24 hours a day, especially in far-flung locations like Asia and Australia.

Time Zone Advantage

Business Process Outsourcing might allow you to cover additional international working hours without having to build satellite offices overseas because hired employees are typically located in places ahead of US time zones.

Another significant benefit is that when workers are in forwarding time zones, it can feel as though there are more hours in the day. If you send a task request in the afternoon in your time zone, for example, the task may be completed while you’re still asleep, resulting in a turnaround time of less than one of your working days. Again, this can be a terrific way for businesses to speed up work and do more tasks in less time.

5. Compete with Larger Corporations

Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, could benefit from business process outsourcing services. BPO may help small businesses run as if they were larger, without having to pay for more workers, which is especially useful in congested markets with major players.

Compete with Larger Corporations

If you save money, make better use of your existing employees, have a time zone advantage, and are flexible, you’ll be able to compete with major businesses. BPO might level the playing field by allowing smaller businesses to focus on services that were previously only available to major businesses, such as concierge customer service and account management.

How SB Infowaves Works

By outsourcing repetitive menial activities to SB Infowaves, you may automate your company processes and procedures. Allow us to assist you with prospecting, lead creation, and targeting, for example.

Collaborate with an experienced agent at SB Infowaves to improve your prospecting workflow. Describe your sales prospecting parameters and target audiences, and we will create a method tailored to your specific requirements. We employ technology to outsource this process to low-cost, highly skilled people who are taught to complete requests in the most cost-effective and expedient manner possible. So why not outsource BPO services today?