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SB Infowaves is skilled to provide end-to-end customer care solutions for different types of B2B businesses since 2012. Our dedicated team is ready to offer qualified talents for businesses at cost-effective rates. We have the best knowledge to deliver world-class customer-specific services and can recognize new objectives with several advanced operation models for today’s business. It’s time to explore!

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Our Services End-To-End Conversion (BPO/ KPO) Services We Offers Result-Driven BPO & KPO Solution We Are Ready To Provide Today’s Business

Sales Support

With our sales support, you can improve your sales funnel and operational efficiency. We assist you to acquire a strategic perspective for more effective and comprehensive penetration of existing and new accounts by providing you with complete information about your target accounts.

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After-Sales Customer Services

A sale is the first, not the last, step in expanding your sales. Good after-sales service demonstrates to your clients that you want to establish a long-term connection with them, win their loyalty, and retain their business. Choose SB Infowaves for unmatched after-sales customer services.

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Escalation Handeling

You can’t please everyone all of the time, no matter how good your customer service is. Customers will occasionally grow agitated, irate, or “demand to talk to a manager!” It’s a fact of customer service. Escalation handling is useful when the existing customer service agent is unable to resolve the issue.

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Revenue Management

Our clients benefit from optimized pricing solutions, menu design, marketing, and financial reporting that always produce a profit gain, thanks to our data analysis and tech-enabled services. Allow our revenue management experts to demonstrate how we can create customized pricing plans that can increase your brand’s profitability.

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Customer Loyanlty Management

In this age of immediate gratification, it is critical for businesses to manage customer loyalty strategically in order to increase revenue and please customers. We offer one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, and strategically aligned customer loyalty management services that help businesses increase revenue while also delighting customers.

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Customer Retention

Retaining an existing customer is less expensive than acquiring a new one. Our unique customer retention plan aims to keep as many customers as possible while improving customer relationships. Let us manage your customer relationships with the goal of encouraging them to stay longer and spend more.

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Complaint Management

We know it for a fact that customer complaints provide vital information that may be used to improve your business. With our complaint management solutions, we help you gain knowledge on how to prevent future difficulties as well as the fuel to ignite additional innovation by understanding the issues that frustrate your customers.

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Helpdesk Solutions

Our certified IT specialists provide global IT help desk solutions. Every hour of every day, we provide high-quality company IT support desk and remote network monitoring services. SB Infowaves’ service desk solutions provide customers with skilled and rapid help desk support without the high overhead of a typical support desk.

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Platform and Application Support

SB Infowaves intends to deliver a tried-and-true set of services to assist enterprises at each stage of their journey, starting with strategy and architecture and progressing via analytic solutions, data science, data lake, managed services, and training. We specialize in offering round-the-clock skilled IT support services with the assurance of dependability and ingenuity.

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Network Support

Money and productivity are lost with your company’s network going down. To bring your systems back up to speed, you’ll need a dependable network support crew on call. You get timely, personalized network assistance when you partner with SB Infowaves for network support. Our team gets to work on your network problems from the minute you contact us.

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Order Support

Almost every system and process in the supply chain is touched by order management. It has a direct impact on how a customer perceives a company or brand from the outside. We assist with order support from beginning to end, in addition to managing the procedures, people, and data associated with the order as it progresses through its lifecycle.

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Real-Time Web Assistance

When you choose us for real-time web assistance in customer service, you can be sure of engaging customers without delay. We are supported with a robust customer service platform that allows for real-time communication across all major channels. We can perform real-time analytics to provide you with vital information about your customers.

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B2B Vendor Management

As companies expand their business, they will have to deal with a variety of vendors. An effective vendor management system is required to ensure that companies remain efficient while working with vendors. We’ll assist you in developing, implementing, and refining every component of your program so that you may effectively manage vendor relationships from beginning to end.

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Query/ Research Management

Query management typically necessitates the hiring of a separate team and the purchase of specialized software, resulting in a waste of money and effort. Through our query management systems, we believe in offering only the best services to our valued clients. Our highly experienced team works round-the-clock to provide the best query management solutions.

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Data Collection

Data collecting is time-consuming, costly, and the data acquired may be sloppy due to the fact that it is constantly changing. SB Infowaves collects qualitative and relevant data from a variety of web-based resources within a set timeframe with the help of a professional team of data collection experts and analysts.

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Account Outsourcing

We provide a complete range of accounting services ensuring that you have tax-ready financial statements when you need them. You get paperless bookkeeping and accounting solutions professionally supplied with the greatest security and secrecy in the fastest turnaround time when you choose us as your account outsourcing partner.

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Payroll Outsourcing

SB Infowaves is one of the best payroll vendors in the world, providing complete payroll outsourcing services to businesses across the world. Small enterprises, as well as medium and large businesses, use our payroll services. We have a thorough quality assurance system to cover pre-payroll validations and post-payroll Quality Assurance.

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HR Outsourcing

Human resources management encompasses a wide range of functions, from hiring and retaining staff to payroll and vacation time tracking. You didn’t start your company to become an HR specialist, though. Simply put, HR outsourcing lets you spend less time managing your human resources and more time expanding your business.

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Customer Support Expertise That You Can Trust

Our dynamic BPO & KPO team has helped a wide range of industries to offer client-specific support, using an optimal combination of resources and innovative technology for business developments. We take pride to reinvent operating models with aims to reduce manual efforts and attain maximum growth of the business. From data collection to complaint management and network support, we’ve got a solid understanding of various niches to unlock new efficiencies and ensure your cost savings. It’s time to explore our end-to-end conversion support and get an optimized solution.

  • 500+ Team Size
  • 10000 sqft Infrastructure in corporate hub of Kolkata
  • Affordable Per Seat Costing
  • Existing International Tie-ups

Skillful To Unlock New Efficiencies For Delivering Expectational Customer Experiences

Having the latest knowledge of BPO features, SB Infowaves has the best-in-class skills to unveil new efficiencies with objectives to support maximum customers at cost-saving rates. Our dynamic team has the talents to encourage automation and intelligence into your process to serve a wide range of industries. Our BPO & KPO Solutions are rules-oriented and repetitive to purposefully support any models. In addition to providing a vast range of end-to-end conversions, we are committed to nurturing several operating models driven by intelligence. We’ll bring in automation after a comprehensive review of your company’s strategies, which is easy to access and result-driven for today’s business.

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Benefits of Hiring A Certified BPO/ KPO Agency – SB Infowaves

SB Infowaves has the dynamic team to facilitate 360-degree customer care support for large to small-scale companies at cost-saving rates. We have years of expertise to identify the best talents for diverse businesses to begin deliver and work unitedly with your onsite team. After studying your entire process, we will integrate automation strategies to increase efficiency and cost optimization for today’s business.

Explore our real-time web assistance and after-sales support to provide customer-specific services and rearrange your workflows. So, let’s discover our excellence –

Have 500+ Team Members

We have 500+ team members to assist in reducing your manual efforts and improve customer involvement rates of the business. Our dedicated team beats to deliver hyper-relevant customer experiences with objectives to automate the configuration and enhance customer satisfaction rates. After review and overall analysis of your customer claims, we will manually process to address your client’s widespread needs of the business.

10000 sq. ft Infrastructure in a Kolkata-Based Corporate Hub

SB Infowaves has 10000 sq. ft infrastructure in a popular corporate hub of Kolkata to facilitate the best talents for different kinds of businesses. Running IT helpdesk for 24-hours, we can manage international and national calls to assist you with identity access management solutions. If there are unique methods to optimize your automation processes, our experts are experienced to guide you in reaching all of them at minimum investments.

Affordable Per Seat Costing

SB Infowaves is qualified to industry standards offering affordable per-seat costing to our worldwide clients, which are exceptional and upgraded to the latest technology for their businesses. Deploying exact resources to ensure offering customer-satisfying solutions, we will work with your existing frameworks for the business’s betterment. Our dedicated BPO team is also ready to create any new program as per your needs to expand the business.

Existing International Tie-Ups

Our dedicated BPO team has maintained a good connection and networking with several international companies to automate your company’s progress. In addition to save on your resources and process optimization charges, we will also guide you to make a more informed choice and offer an exceptional customer experience. SB Infowaves is well-equipped to use robotic process automation to ensure cost savings, scalability, generate revenue streams, and flexibility for today’s business.

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